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8/29/2015 c5 PelirrojaBiu
God, I love Gil's letters.

He is asking why she chose lilies for the convocation and then refused to dance with him! Awesome, can't wait to read her response.

I was so, so sad that Gilbert's jars were gone! Damn you, Ada Corke!

I loved the history of the Blythe clan! I wonder if Gil's writing about it (and in earlier letter about Alberta) to somehow encourage Anne to open a bit about her own past.
8/29/2015 c4 PelirrojaBiu
I love how this chapter was a mix of deep and emotional and funny (and honey!)

The 'eternal idiot' printed on Anne's skin and Katherine's comment were golden. Love will do that to you...

This chapter's most beautiful sentence: "something to grab handfuls of, to take shelter under, something that made face ache with laughter and heart ache with longing".

When it came to "the path" to Gilbert, the moments she thinks she fell in love with him... I love how the answers she gives to the women in her life evoke all those special moments from RD.

I only wonder why she writes about Gilbert's room in such detail, especially his collection of treasures, but doesn't mention the stars on the ceiling and what could be found under the lamp she had been asked to bring...

A Saturday full of reading your story, what a treat! Off to the next one...
8/29/2015 c4 Guest
...upon further review, that's NINE at once. Ay, math. Not my strongest, either.
8/29/2015 c4 Guest
8 chapters at once?!

It's like breaking open a piƱata of sunbursts and marble halls. I'm the luckiest AnneGirl in the world...on the busiest weekend ever. Reviews 4-12 will trickle through for the next few days, I think. What wonderful thing to look forward to. There are always fanfic reviews in Tomorrow!

So glad your broken arm is magically accommodating a universe of top secret writing time. What good news for us. Relieved you're mending, Friend!
8/29/2015 c12 19Alinyaalethia
'Silk really wants to be a verb, I feel,' how very Anne and of course it does. So many Maud-esque details tucked in here, and apparently so easily -the buttermilk, the Aunts never running into one another, so many good things I couldn't possibly list them all. Then when I thought it couldn't get better, Gil's definition of the sort of person Anne is to the Fox. It rang utterly true. You mustn't worry about writing without us, you're more than capable of it, this has been a glorious idyl of an afternoon spent reading, and I'm glad you made it a longer story. I will be watching for the rest.
8/29/2015 c11 Alinyaalethia
This was lovely. I'm glad Gilbert understands how much of Anne there is in Little Elizabeth. I've been thinking that whenever mention is made of her. Here too we came dangerously close to Anne's own past - I've known others who have died -what an aside. There's Ruby of course, but she can't just mean Ruby because it wasn't on account of her that she learned to cure croup. Gilbert's line about the slate was a gem. Just the sort of thing he would say.
8/29/2015 c10 Alinyaalethia
Oh I'm glad Gilbert fought for her -I should hope so too, after all those years of wishing for her! I wouldn't have imagined Fred would take such exception to Gilbert marrying Anne, but I do think you've made it work, and it certainly highlights the place Anne has come to fill in Gilbert's life. Especially liked the moment between Marilla and Gilbert, always do like your rendering of her, you know this.
8/29/2015 c3 PelirrojaBiu
So, so glad you're feeling better! All those 10 chapters were such a welcome sight in my inbox at 7AM! I have already read three of them, in one go during a bus ride. I'm so tempted to read them all by this evening, yet I also want to sample it slowly and relish your talent.

This chapter was so rich in everything one could ask for!

1) The Fox is becoming my favourite supporting character. Very "meet-able" indeed.
2) Giving away the infamous green scarf as a birthday gift was the sweetest thing and such a great idea! I remember that in RD, after the first proposal, she wanted to knit him one for his birthday or Christmas :)
3) Gilbert in a rowing team! Letting off all that steam and excessive energy, I think, seeing that he has "ALL the appetites of a seventeen year old boy" :D
4) Christine's engagement party! Hmmm, interesting. Can't wait to read Anne's reaction.
5) Willard Mackin: what a fabulous name.
6) Huh, I think there's more to the Fox and Gil's win in redressing than their studious nature...
7) You have such a way with words! "cantankerous headmistress", "frozen Brooke" (simple, yet brilliant), "garrulous Blakes", "the man with the yellow envelope", "the stench of the sheep's heart" (ewww), "slop trough" (double ewww) and I could go on and on.
8) The second letter... Don't even get me started on the second letter! I love its parallel structure to Anne's.
9) "I will never make it to Christmas. All I want is to make it back to you" 3
10) I found the story about the Chinook wind beautiful, but then I thought, OMG, the night Anne came home from the Echo Lodge she "brought" a storm with herself to Avonlea, and that was the night Gilbert's fever broke! And didn't Sarah write do Antie Pearl about that storm? Wow! "Pup" may be right, actually...
Where I live we do have a special (foehn) wind, though without such a positive meaning as yours. It's said that it brings lots of suicides with itself... What a morbid thought to end a review with, sorry!
8/29/2015 c7 AdeptatHumanError
Aww, they missed each other so much. My heart broke for them!
8/29/2015 c12 Edkchestnut
Katherine, you have done splendidly and I think, the more T, the better. Also, I would love to hear something from the others, especially when Pris announces her engagement to the missionary. As far as making this a shorter story, I am always glad to have chapters to read and think that shorter stories lead to more questions. I hope you will update, again, soon and great job! One more thing, I think Anne should meet the Fox at some point because I would love to see if she meets with his expectations.
8/29/2015 c11 Edkchestnut
Yes, I often wondered where Anne got her determination and will to survive from, too. She had a dreadful childhood and most people would have been destroyed by it. It's very obvious that her imagination and tendency to go off into a dream world were coping mechanisms. I also believe that is one reason why Gilbert was so determined to take care of her. After losing Joyce, he insisted Susan stay even though other women did not have live in maids. In Rilla, he says something about "I won't have your mother upset," and there are other mentions in the later books about his spoiling her and how much he adored her. I do think that he felt her life had already been hard enough and that was why he was so desperate to spare her a hard life. It may also have subconsciously been one reason why he chose medicine, so she wouldn't have to endure the hardship of being a farmer's wife. Oh well, I am rambling but it does give one something to think about. As always, great job!
8/29/2015 c10 Edkchestnut
Well, I am really not liking Fred right now, although I always did feel like he and Anne were very distant to each other. I was glad to see Gilbert still fighting for her, though. Also, I want to hear Gilbert's response when he finds out about Billy's proposal. That, to me, was a pure Montgomery creation that I just love, Billy's proposal by proxy. I always imagine it as a good joke that Anne was given a lot of grief over. Great job!
8/29/2015 c9 Edkchestnut
Oh, that was so sweet and so funny. I really loved the telling of their announcement and how Rachel always gets her way. I love how Anne was able to snark with Josie and Gilbert had a comeback for Charlie. I love how they talked of their dream and about giving it up for the children. Just beautiful!
8/29/2015 c9 Alinyaalethia
Davey is wonderful. And can I forget 'there is time for tea then.' The glimpse of them after church, the appropriation of those hopelessly out-of-place wishes by Anne and Gil, it was all very right and apt and them. They know each other so well, more than anything that is what comes across as I read these chapters. Only Gilbert could intuit that Anne would be imagining his leaving and insist she imagine instead they had days and months together. But that dream at the end, how like Anne to realise its potential and then articulate its impossibility. It was a beautiful moment, just whst I've come to expect from your writing.
8/29/2015 c8 Edkchestnut
Wow, that was wonderful. I have a feeling that, not only will Anne not be upset, she may very well send some of the very same sentiments Gilbert's way. Also, I find myself rather upset with The Fox-he's very brazen, isn't he? Poor Gilbert really has such bad luck with roommates. I miss Charlie, though, he made for great laughs. This was really touching because you can really feel what Gilbert is feeling and that speaks to your ability as a writer. Well done!
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