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7/29/2015 c3 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
Oh no! Poor Katherine-with-a-K'd-hand! No writing (I don't suppose you can teach yourself to be both handed, could you?), no reviewing, no doing a myriad other, possibly more immediately pressing and practical things! I hope your incapacity is appropriately short term, your recovery swift and any pain severely dealt with.

I am glad to see your boy is clustering round his sad girl and attending to the really important stuff for you (that will be us, you know!). May he continue to dance loving attendance.

And you do know you have let no one down (except perhaps yourself, too heavily, on that hand?!). Your legions of sad fans will just have to invoke the patience of Gilbert Blythe, whilst we wait for bone and sinew to meld and knit.

Fortunately you can't break an imagination as easily as a limb. So Ia m confident that those letters will bubble along in your mind, possibly all the richer for their enforced incubation. And we will await the results withjoyful anticipation. As someone wiser than I once said: "Waiting for things is half the pleasure of them."

As for those of us still writing. Well, a review from kwak ignites a similar thrill to an email notification of a story update. But it is enough to know you are reading, tokeep striving for your - alas, now unarticulated - approbation.

Get better as soon as you possibly can, my lovely. I for one will be doing a happy dance once you are able to take your place, one more, at the top of the story tree.
7/28/2015 c3 Guest
Hello Miss K!
I have to say that I never imagined how important your stories would become to me. I have always been an Anne Fan (or at least as long as I can remember...), but your touch of realism and the little quirks truly fill the characters with a life entirely new. Such sad news to hear that your poor self isn't feeling up to snuff! Hope you heal extra quick! This wish is entirely selfish and I don't mind telling you it because I absolutely love finding new letters to devour long after I should be asleep! Your Phil honey (because I can't say Phil without the honey for some odd reason...) is a true riot and loads of bubbly, brilliant fun! Please consider even one tiny letter- or lots of them- to round out the honest, perfect, ridiculously dizzying power couple that is Anne and Gilbert. Lots of exclamation marks in this thing... Anyways, oodles of "thank you"s, and "get better soon"s, and "please never stop writing"s (or is that not a common phrase between neighbors...?),
7/28/2015 c3 Bright Promise 2
So sorry to hear of your hand injury, mate. Sending you lots of love, hugs and best wishes there in Sydney. Rest and recover well. Get back when you can xoxo
7/28/2015 c3 21hecalledmecarrots
Boy With a sad girl

Let Katherine with a K know we wish her a speedy recovery and she has let nobody down.

Give it time to recover so she can come back stronger
7/28/2015 c2 Guest
Gilbert must have been blushing like crazy while reading this letter. Wonder how many push-ups he went for afterwards. Beautiful chapter, this story is going to be amazing.
7/28/2015 c2 bunnybee
yes, yes, yes! What a pleasant surprise to see TWO chapters of this already uploaded when I came to check in :) can't wait for more!
7/27/2015 c2 7DianaStorm09
You continue to delight me, my dear friend. As always, you keep weaving in the little details many people may not have noticed, such as how Priss may have met that missionary that would sweep her off her feet and take her all the way to Japan with him (genius idea that they met at the Blake house, I would have never thought of it myself!) I hope Gilbert paid good attention and will report back in his next letter :)
I like that you write Anne boldly, LMM was a writer confined to her times, but the Anne she gave us clearly would not have been timid about her desire for Gilbert.
Thank you for a delightful read as always, I hope to pay you back with a new Sherlock installment soon.
7/26/2015 c2 21hecalledmecarrots
Gulliver could not have been more surprised than I was... Aww Gilbert Blythe you sweetheart

And Anne Shirley! every room in out little house!... and enormous rambling mansion wouldn't be more satifying... slowly. So very slowly... Kiss me here Gil... and here... and here...

Good grief women! You'll have Gilbert blushing!

Side note: yes I completely understand why you wouldn't read my own verison of this "VickyP16's If it were really Gilbert" description of Gilbert's first appearance in the winter holidays of the second year has really threw me off because its so perfect! and am therefore dreading writing my own scene about it! I know I must tackle it! so I understand, But please let me enjoy yours still?
7/26/2015 c2 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
Bliss, bliss, utter, glorious bliss!

If I wrote down everything that delighted me, I'd have to write out the whole thing, so I will restrict myself to two delicious references.
1. Gilbert's "hands on" - had me giggling and swooning simultaneously.
2. Muriel Stacey's response to their engagement - "relinquished her belief in faery and then discovered and elf under her hat!" That's the magic of Anne and Gilbert in a single, brilliant line (and how I wished it was one of mine!)

There was so detail packed behind each line. I loved Gilbert's story of himself. His nervous left-handedness, his thoughts about being behind in class (I always wondered how he could be so bright and yet remain behind his own age group), how Anne was the catalyst for his ambition (I hope miss Stacy didn't untangle it completely).

And Anne's responding impressions of Gilbert were so illuminating. "Cocksure swagger", "how happy I am to have all me expectations come to nothing." And then she shows him. That and her reflections on their house of dreams is going to keep Gilbert building muscle tone for the next year! It seems eminently fitting to me that Anne is the first to evoke their physical intimacy. It always felt to me that her pen would describe this more readily, but also she isn't fettered by the 12 year habit of concealment and constraint that binds Gilbert.

As ever, your supporting cast is wonderful. Mr E Rasmussen does not disappoint. The reports from Patterson St (and Anne's gentle manuverings therein, looks like she applying Gilbert's grandmother's advice by proxy), I too hope for a full report about Priscilla's missionary. And oh, that she would accept that dare!
7/25/2015 c1 2BrightRiver
Btw, I just wanted too add that I hope Anne does reveal some of her past before Green Gables. It's clear through the books that she never wants to think or talk about it but she must have shared something with Gilbert. It would be interesting to see if she has the courage to open up to him.
7/25/2015 c2 4Bertha Willis
This is just the kind of letters I imagined when you said you were going to take this on! They're so wonderful, both in the romancy sense and in the storytelling sense. Obviously, Anne's remembrances and musings were expected (and just as delightful as expected), but I think Gilbert's "hands on" comment topped all of that. On the storytelling front, I love how you manage to squeeze in so much backstory (lefthandedness, Mr. Phillips, Ms. Stacey, etc.)and so much growing between them without it seeming unnatural - very Maud like in that way. The Gulliver mention and the way Gilbert felt like he had awoke in a new world after the fever. And, as always, the way their voices remain distinct amazes me.
I especially loved the reference to Priscilla's missionary!
7/25/2015 c2 19Alinyaalethia
I loved getting to know Gilbert better, not left-handed but both-handed, truly an Anne-esque line and how aptly it describes him. (Though I'm still pleased its left that's dominant...I miss writing left-habded characters). Especially loved the detail about the fountain pen. Truly acrobatics are needful to write with one! I am quite anxious for more of the story of Gilbert, almost as anxious as I am for the continuation of the story of each other they are now writing.

Anne's letter was lovely. She is so clearly revelling in having Gilbert's letters, and just as dreamy and fanciful as ever. I am revelling in reading her. But what struck me most was her reticence to talk sbout the past, 'I'd rather not remember and you don't want to know.' Of course she wants the future to be bright and brimming with dreams. How do you write her so well? She always reads as if she is floating on feather-down. Oh and how have I nearly forgotten Priss possibly mentioning a missionary more than she realises? It was delightful to see Anne's sharp mind joining up dots and letting Gilbert in on the secret. She's an incorrigible matchmaker, Anne is, really. But I shall be quite as vexed as she will be if Gilbert neglects to send a faithful report!
7/25/2015 c2 Edkchestnut
Well, I guess Anne definitely had "the right kind of pen, here." I sincerely hope none but Gilbert ever get a hold of her letters or they will be marching to the aisle before the three years is up. As always, Katherine, you did not disappoint. I was very glad to see the mention of Pris and her missionary. I also did notice that Gilbert has not said anything to Anne's query about Christine, so you know she is still wondering and it's killing her. I think it is really wonderful how much research you do and the knowledge you put into your stories, it makes it so real and authentic. I also like the information about Gilbert being left-handed because my father is left-handed so it just makes it kind of familiar. Great job and keep it up!
7/25/2015 c2 2BrightRiver
You have turned me into a puddle, Katherine with a K. A sweet gooey puddle that cannot form the proper sentences to express the joy your sweet story has given me. The only words I can type out in this lovely haze is a question; has your adorable awkward sexy Gilbert read Whitman yet?
7/24/2015 c2 Still Ella
No, really - this is getting RIDICULOUS. I swear, outside the realm of , I am actually something of a tech marvel. Except here; bumbling no-account. I swear this is getting to levels of performance art absurdity.

(Also K-K's G.J.B. is just that dreamy. He drives me to distraction.)

Still Ella, still tearing up the terrible at tech, still reviewing Ch. 2.
(SO sorry! How embarrassing. And I can't even delete or edit. Sigh.)


What a wonderful surprise to get a second chapter so soon after the first!

Love shifting voice as both get more comfortable. Love Anne's comment that Gilbert sounds like Gilbert again. Because it's true! LOVE knowing that they are already getting VERY comfortable, and it's only chapter two! Oh, fellow readers: how lucky are we for the journey ahead?

I was impressed from your very first stories with your attention to historical detail, and your willingness (eagerness?) to do the research and immerse yourself in the era. Of course your attention to Gil's class schedule - but the thoughtful detail that he's left handed, which "is not a trait to be encouraged." Such a clever way to draw us back to their world. How telling that, despite Miss Stacy's diligence, he's running full focus on impressing Anne, reading her signals, holding himself back - so how is he supposed to concentrate on using his right with all that distraction in the background?

Those weeks in July! My heart aches. What a haunting description: being battered against a door - afraid and more afraid! The callback to Sarah removing those tacks in the ceiling - oh! And Anne, breaking through!

Gil daring Anne to party-crash! Ever the rogue!

Couldn't wait to hear Gil share the story of us - but better yet that he's reintroducing himself - because how restrained and unsure and eager to please. Truer even still that Anne wouldn't want to relive the past, at least yet, but look to the future. I know you're a House of Dreams girl - how close to that dream YOUR Anne and Gilbert are finally nearing!

and here.

I promise, because you are a paragon of reliability for your readers, while I have never been anything remotely approaching reliable, that a review is coming for chapter three, and every chapter posted after that, because every time I read anything of yours, I'm bursting with things to say.

So bursting, in fact, that I hit "Post Review" buttons prematurely.

So this is my pledge: no update un-reviewed ever again.
...though perhaps in fewer words.

(No, really. "you are familiar, are you not Miss Shirley, with how hands on I like to be" - is the hottest thing I've ever seen you write. And oh ::fans self:: that is really saying something. Had I not been a spaztacular early-button pusher, I'd have finished saying I'd love to commission a teen idol dorm poster with that quote emblazoned across it. I wouldn't be mad if it were superimposed across a Jonathan Crombie pic. Just putting it out there in case there are industrious Etsy-ers among the KwaK fandom.)

It's all so, SO good.

Thank you for chapter two, and for being you, and for rocking the tech harder than I ever could.
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