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7/24/2015 c2 7Formerly known as J
Well, kwak, it seems that Gilbert has certainly found his voice again. Not too much tentative writing from him (or you!) here; he seems to have his old confidence back. And didn't I just love it all.

Gilbert was just golden, as always. From hearing all about him reading letters in the 'dusky hour' to details of his life as a medical student, loving being 'hands on' ;) and the other students with no time to shave. You know I was lapping up every detail of Mr Rasmussen's antics - and of course he is 'spectacularly pleased' with his hair colour - Gilbert divulging Redmond rumour mill deets about his reputation as The Fox was truly hilarious. And a cheerio to Ada Corke! How lovely to see her back again. She does get around, doesn't she?

Gilbert's description of feeling like Gulliver was just perfect - I can imagine it may well have seemed like some strange new world that he woke up in after the fever! No wonder he had to get his mother to re-read Phil's letter to him so many times, just to make sure. And not enough envelopes to conceal what she was saying to him in his delirium. Holy guacamole! I don't know which I'm more excited by, 'the story of us' or the story of Gilbert. Can you imagine how much I adored the tale of left handed/ambidextrous/'strained' (!) and not being able to make his right hand obey when she was around? Well, you just have to try, k. Mr Philips was a real (insert expletive here) of a teacher, hey? And now Gilbert's *daring* her to come to his birthday bash at Phil's?! Perhaps he's hoping for some more of her excellent punch measurements?

Then we find out it was Anne who prompted the birthday invite, and enter Priscilla's tall, dark missionary. It makes this saddo happy to see things working out for her, so I hope we find out what happens to Stella soon, too.

If Gilbert was golden, then Anne was...? Phew! I am extremely interested to see if/how Gilbert recovers from Anne thinking of loving him slowly in every room of the house of dreams, and remembering their last day under The Apple Tree. Then imagining them lying on the grass again...I think the tick tock will be well & truly back, if it wasn't already.

You are simply awesome, babe.
7/24/2015 c2 EllaOfDale
So here's the artwork I need to commission:
and underneath that, in like, fluorescent pink 80s-tacular script, the following quote:
"you are familiar, are you not, Miss Shirley, with how hands on I like to be?"

...and that, kids, was the day my ovary burst into flames.
7/24/2015 c2 2KatherineBrooke
Yes, very satisfying. I bet Gilbert needed to do something to take the edge off after reading that letter from Anne. And I also bet that he could compete with Anne's imagination when it comes to imagining where all those kisses would go, and I doubt he had a battle with himself either. ;)
7/24/2015 c1 KatherineBrooke
I've always wanted to read a letter from Gilbert to Anne…. sigh and now I have. And it was everything I could have hoped for. And I'm sure you're right, those first few letters at least would've been a bit awkward and trying to get the right feel for their new situation. I particularly liked how Gilbert inquired if Anne truly liked the ring or not, for they aren't yet well enough acquainted as lovers to decipher such things. Anne's response is perfect and I'm looking forward to "bracing myself" for her next letter. ;)
7/24/2015 c2 1Crowning Glories
AHHH! Another spectacular chapter! You are an exceptional writer! I love both Anne and Gilbert's letters but I love the writing style you gave Anne! It is so in her character, very dreamy and vivid. I could see Anne being an email girl too... I could also see her blocking Gil on Facebook after the "carrots" incident.
7/24/2015 c2 Bright Promise 2
Oh, brilliant! Very in-character. Anne's romantic musings at the end there...sigh :)
7/22/2015 c1 LizDexic
My mind numbing morning bus ride was made sweet and fluttery by the appearance of WWLL! Such an excellent start to what is sure to be another KwaK epic.
I confident assured Gilbert is sexy, but there is something so sweet about a stumbling, insecure Gilbert which makes you want to hold him. I imagine he will have more insecurity to work out ( by way of push ups perhaps) as they correspond. I've always felt Anne has some making up for lost time to do for poor Gilbert. I'm excited to see how that plays out. As always, such fun writing, well done. Will we see the appearance of any of the RD series characters?
7/22/2015 c1 Guest
Loved it
7/21/2015 c1 4Bertha Willis
Oh, this makes me so happy! I loved the little nervousness and uncertainty in their letters. It was very believable, and I'm sure that they're certainty will grow along with yours. The back and forth on the ring was especially lovely - that Gilbert would be worried she didn't like it and that Anne would love it for being part of something were so in character.
I loved the recollections from RD, but I think my favorite parts were, the "blank slate" and expected reactions of his parents to that comment and, of course, Anne's sneaky P.S. on Christine. How hard it must have been for her to save that for the end!
Can't wait to read more!
7/21/2015 c1 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
What a thrill to wake up and find an email containing the glorious words: “New story from katherine-with-a-k.” I am so glad to see that you have begun the long promised Windy Willows letters, and with the right sort of pen.

This was a cracking start. Gilbert feeling his way into this new phase in their relationship, and this new way of expressing it:
“-let me begin that again.”
“but we've never been engaged before.”
“this awkward letter I am forcing myself not to throw into the fire,”
“I am struggling to put this new world into words”
“I believe this letter writing will put me in all sorts of deep water.”
And that wonderful promise: “But I can keep up with the current if you can.” Fills me with so much expectation and excitement about what could be coming up downstream.

I loved the references to the RD series. Does he know how much she loves beech trees? Will he find out? And how?

And the hints about the way Anne and Mrs Blythe have a new relationship to build: “If you ever write to Mother” and the story of the ring: “Mother meant well when she offered it, meant more than you might comprehend.” But Anne reply show that she does comprehend: “Do you think one day she might love me as I love her?” “Truly I am a blank slate. Not that I could say that to your mother ~though I imagine it might make your father laugh.” That line in particular spoke volumes about the way Gilbert’s mother needs to learn to trust Anne with Gilbert’s happiness, since Anne has for so long been the means of (wittingly or otherwise) wounding him.

Then Anne’s response – which of course she had already begun, Anne’s pen will always be fleeter than Gilbert’s. So many details beautifully, fleetingly observed:
“just now delivered by the highly observant Rebecca Dew”
“shall I tell you that right at this moment I am nestling into that blue doughnut cushion with unseemly abandon?” humm, that blue cushion is going to get a whole lot of love, methinks.

There is so much promise here. The explicit: “ask you to brace yourself for the letter I am already composing in my head” (eek!) and the implicit: Has Mr Edvard Rasmussen arrived? Will he be a room mate to rival Charlie Sloane? What tidings will he bring of Christine?

This is marvelously begun. I eagerly anticipate more. I am thrilled to be aboard the Katherine-with-a-K story train once again.
7/21/2015 c1 PelirrojaBiu
When I got the update alert in the morning I almost screamed with joy. I missed your writing so much! The day is always better when started with your story. And what a beautiful story it's going to be!

I always used to forgot about it while writing the RD reviews and as I remember it now I have to mention it: what is so great about your characters both in RD and in this story is how they totally act their age. Gilbert really seems to be 25, he's so goofy and hilarious and awkward. And romantic! "I keep expecting to see you here, catch a glimpse of your hair or that blue tam you used to wear. The tang of excitement I felt when we both lived in Kingsport is absent without you" 3 And the beeches! I wonder if he has any idea how Anne came (pun intended) to like them so much :) She must have blushed scarlet when reading it.

I love how awkward and weird and cute the vibe of those first letters is. You just get that even with how madly they are in love and how many passionate kisses they shared they still have had hardly any contact, written or whatever, in the last 2 years, so it's so natural that they are struggling to "put this new world into words".

And all those adorable little delights! Gilbert being left-handed, 15 tiny pearls in the ring, the photographs, Anne knowing about his grandmother's marriage advice, the cats as witnesses of their betrothal...

I'm only hoping that as they get used to this new "world" the rating of this story will be a-rising :D
7/21/2015 c1 2Enna Energe
"You're rather fond of beeches, aren't you?" Ha! I can only imagine Anne's blush!

Seeing this pop up in my inbox put a big smile on my face. I'm so excited to see you continue!
7/21/2015 c1 14mountainrivergirl
Yay, you're back!

I loved it. And I agree, they would be feeling their way with the letters. I do like the difference of them writing to each other instead of the diaries, now that everything is settled. Of course, there are probably some things they won't say in the letters that they would have in diaries, but them pushing that line will be half the fun!
7/21/2015 c1 1Crowning Glories
I absolutely love this format of writing! The words follow in such a dreamy, sweet manor, I just can not wait for more! I especially like the dialog about the ring. Gilbert's anxiety about it not being the perfect ring and Anne's unconditional love for it the moment it was placed on her finger. Love letters are precious, I wish they were still common today! Like, who care about a cute text message! Hand-written letters are so romantic! xoxo
7/21/2015 c1 19Alinyaalethia
Such a lovely, gentle beginning. The voices are perhaps tentative, but you're writing of them never is. They sound exactly the way they should and it flows beautifully. The description of Gilbert's room was perfect, the beech tree just the right touch. But what I loved best ( though choosing was hard) was Anne's nervousness about Gilbert's mother. It made such sense and felt so right. Though having said that, I love the idea of the circlet of pearls having a history. You are off to a marvellous start -and I am flattered beyond measure for the dedication. Eagerly anticipating more. These are just the details that ought to fill those ellipses in Windy Willows.
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