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7/3/2019 c10 lcruzadosilva
Hello! I always read your fanfic because no matter how many times I have read it, I still love it! What I want to know is what happened with Ally an the eggs?
7/16/2018 c10 Guest
after he said “three dollars and ninety eight cents” and showed her the ring, i expected the snarky ally to come out and say “i hope the ring isn’t actually three dollars and ninety eight cents” lol that would’ve been hilarious but overall it was cute...along with the rest of it...and it brought tears to my eyes and i love this story so much! you don’t find good stories like this every day
5/9/2017 c10 Guest
You absolutely NEED to write a chapter where they are married already and ... yeah just plz plz plz write another chapter
12/8/2016 c10 AusllyLover4357
That Was So Awesome
9/5/2016 c9 3letmetakeyourpicturebaby
wait what does the "eggs" comment mean? rereading this and just realized that I'd really like to know...

having to review on this chapter because I can't review on the last one but this comment is directed towards the last chapter
8/22/2016 c10 2Kathy0518
This story is adorable. You didn't rush Auslly and I liked that a lot. The epilogue was so nice and I'm happy Austin and Ally are engaged. Great story
7/29/2016 c10 Guest
Wow-just-wow, this was so freaking awesome!
6/9/2016 c10 60Your Heart0
I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, Yada Yada, Yada , but WHAT DOES THE EGGS thing MEAN?!
4/19/2016 c10 magic yin yang
4/5/2016 c10 22Isazu
I just found your story and it was amazing. They were cute and insteresting and the development of their friendship to a relationship was beautiful Congrats!
3/30/2016 c10 LoveKirsty
Wow.. Just wow. This is one of the best story's i've ever read. It made me laugh and cry and you truly are an incredible writer! I can't even explain how much i loved this story so i hope this is good enough. I can't wait to read other things from you. You're great, remember that!
Xx Kirsty
2/25/2016 c9 3libra986
That was ridiculously great!
2/22/2016 c10 Lady
You have left me speechless! So good! Loved the ending! I loved the story?, it was really well written! Don't ever stop writing because you have talent! :D :)
2/18/2016 c10 9Luckystarz910
This was fucking perfect.
2/14/2016 c10 lauras.bxbe
This feels like closing my favourite bookI just loved it so so much and I might reread this until I know every word haha...literally cant wait for more stories of you
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