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10/30/2020 c4 4dianille
10/30/2020 c3 dianille
Whut? So did Gyokuen still want to kill her eldest child. I mean it was mentioned that she was ecstatic when he captured a dungeon...
10/30/2020 c2 dianille
Will it happen? The marriage with Sinbad I mean
10/30/2020 c1 dianille
This is amazingg
1/31/2020 c4 Just JD is fine
This really changed the canon events. I hope you update sometimes and maybe try Hakuren, Kouen, Judar or Hakuryuu’s POV

I just realized that all the POVs shown, other than Gyokumei’s were of people who ended up dying. Is this gonna be a pattern?
4/5/2019 c4 Asia2003
update plz i wanna read until the end
4/2/2019 c4 Asia2003
Update plz
10/20/2018 c4 L
9/29/2018 c4 nemuriia
Please update soon it’s so good so far
9/11/2018 c2 thanzintay.2000
Actually, they call them birds in magi even though they look like butterfly. So you are right in a way.
9/11/2018 c4 thanzintay.2000
This... This is really amazing. Please continue.
4/5/2018 c4 VermilionShade
Many diff pov's ... Approved
3/21/2018 c4 moonlight phonex101
I can’t believe you just left me hanging like that docnsndnsownd It’d be nice to see how Judar changes because of Gyokumei being such a large part of his life! CNt wait for the next chapter!
3/7/2018 c4 3The Richmaster
This is a really interesting story; Magi isn't something I know particularly well but I feel that you've done a good job of capturing the emotional impact that growing up in such a situation might have on people.
The politics and subterfuge felt extremely well written in how many layers there seem to be with each action taken.
Though the part that I respect the most was how you showed the way that relationships between family members can strain and change over the years.

overall, I think the chapter I enjoyed the most was Hakutoku's due to intricacies involved in his relationship with Gyokuen and the way he interacts with his children.

I look forward to seeing what might happen next.
2/4/2018 c4 6AxZi
This looks like fun. I hope to see more chapters in Gyokumei's point of view, but otherwise, what you're written here is a true delight. Poor, poor Gyokumei. XD
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