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for The Pokeninja, Adventures of the Maelstrom pokemon

8/16 c3 Nathaniel
This is good but he should have met Arceus before meeting Ash. Him telling he truth about his origins is stupid, no one in the Pokemon world needs to know that. I mean you already have Ultra Beasts who are outer dimensional Pokemon. And they are seen as threats. Then you people like Cyrus who literally tried to enslaved the beings who created time and space! No one in the Pokemon world should have known about his origins.
6/18 c35 sahibjit669
Soooo good please update soon
5/1 c35 23BladeKnightmare
Imagine if naruto evolved into a female monster girl like pokemon because he was originally born a human and the female part comes his sexy jutsu
4/27 c35 Ignis28
This series is fun.
3/27 c29 Spellbat
I know I'm super late here but is Victini going to be joining the harem?
3/12 c35 1Guardianrider2021
glad your back this is one of my favourite fanfics of all time I hope you continue the story cause I don't enjoy waiting months for the next chapter
3/9 c35 gaby11
love it keep up the good work
3/7 c34 2A'stories10
Don’t forget that fighting and normal type moves have no effect on ghost types, and ghost type moves have no affect on normal types. Unless you’re changing it specifically for your story things like focus blast, Mach punch, force palm can’t hit a ghost type without first using foresight. And moves like shadow claw, shadow ball, hex can’t hit a normal type. Really that’s my only criticism since I’ve noticed there’s been a couple of battles where you had the attacks interact with naruto or naruto or a fighting type hitting a ghost type with a fighting type move. Otherwise the story is amazing and I’ve really enjoyed reading it.
3/7 c35 Jostanos
This is a fantastic story that was a joy to read from beginning to now, and I would like to read more. Please? Thank you. :)

*ahem* Who may be following Naruto? Absol? Victini? Some other Pokémon that may have either been mentioned or hasn't been mentioned/seen yet?

We may soon find out in the chapters that are yet to come. So please stay tuned!
3/6 c3 ermatheghostchild
idk how to feel about this story
3/6 c35 Spellbat
Good chapter! I am on the fence about Naruto taking part in Clubsplosion. On one hand, we can see more of Naruto and he might show new moves. On the other, he is kind of overpowered.
3/6 c35 13Zoran Dawn-Eclipse
Definitely a good showing of skill in that battle between Tokala and Swanna.
3/5 c35 HyperA2019
Will there be any lemon scenes?
3/5 c35 Guest
Two things One Skyla is one of Lazy Gym Leaders but the same can be said about Iris and Cilan for not Training there Pokémon right and Two that hole air battle thing is stupid and a waste of time
3/5 c35 thor94
really good battle, it was obvious her system was biased, especially since she based her analysis on the fact that tokala was a ninetales or pikachu would only use electric moves.
Hope we won't have to wait another year for the next chapter
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