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for Fates Be Changed

9/1 c6 UseFistNotMouth
Not liking many of the early story beats.

Bruce is becomming attached too quickly for such a paranoid guy.

And I don't get all the sympathy plays for Harry. He doesn't need it. Harry at 6 in canon is sympathetic enough. The AU abuse is 100% pointless.

Also Dumbledoor left Harry with his bad relatives to keep him safe, not to condition him. It's bad enough he allowed the abuse, you don't need to make him a sociopath.

I do want to see where things go plot-wise with this story, but so far the story feels fake.
8/25 c49 Aetherium21
Oh wow this is like a blood adoption
8/9 c13 5DGJabberwocky
Actually, Calcutta is its Anglicised name. Lots of Indian cities have had Anglicised names. For example, Mumbai was called Bombay, Kochi was called Cochin, Bengaluru was called Bangalore
7/12 c32 DragonB0b
SOS actually doesn't stand for anything. Its just a combination of the two simplest to send letter in morse code. ... - ... Clear and easy to understand in seconds without worry of mess up transmission.
7/7 c18 sandwichesboi
The ending of this chapter makes me so sad, because this is how Harry, lily and the marauders would’ve been like.
6/7 c69 Kyr
Very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing.
6/8 c69 TheSinisterKnight
Loved this story overall, but the last several chapters were way too rushed.
5/24 c69 fairytalebliss182
I recently found this story and loved it! I thoroughly enjoyed the way you worked characters from multiple different worlds and somehow made it all come together. I can only imagine what a labor of love this was and am grateful to you for sharing it
5/11 c38 emileighbech
I cannot wait for Draco to find out that Matteo is Harry Potter. Even if something happens and suddenly this fic starts to suck, which I doubt, I would keep reading just to see his reaction.
5/9 c69 foxydope794
4/11 c19 hollypop2014
“Nowhereistan” lol at first I pronounced it as “Now-here-istan” XD love this story so much
3/30 c69 Incantations7
When I had about 3 chapters left, I was wondering if you were going to have to do a sequel or something else, but I like how you tied it all up towards the end. A couple of deaths I was unhappy about, but in war, people do die. I was also wondering if you were going to throw in Ragnarok or Infinity War, but you left it to the imagination, or just disregarded them, but seeing how Harry would have taken on Thanos would have been interesting to see.

I think that I might need to check out your other works now…
3/30 c65 Incantations7
Damn… I was hoping that she didn’t get hit by the AK…
3/30 c64 Incantations7
The willow tree? Is that the Whomping Willow? Oh boy…
3/29 c61 Incantations7
My vote is/was that Cedric lives, but as this story is done, I guess I’ll have to wait and see…
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