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for Fates Be Changed

7/6 c1 AMANNK
question is the author malayali?
7/4 c68 2Fire Tempest
Just taken the time to re-read (it's been a while) - I think I liked it even more the second time! Thank you.
5/30 c69 GriffindorARMY
I think u r great writer. this story was awesome however I kinda dissapointed a little. i want to see bruce and harry reunion. i want to know bruce reaction but it's done. and I say it again it is awesome story
5/29 c29 Silver-Knightmare
mateo's inability to withstand the cold really speaks to me lolz. my friends call me a lizard cause i have to be warm all the time.
5/26 c23 Guest
Im a little bit upset because you did not include hedwig, i love her and feel like however the films were, she deserves a place here as she is almost as iconic as harry himself
that said though, i do agree with your points and even if i did not, this is not my fic, its yours and it is going into a GREAT direction
5/26 c21 Guest
i like to think that if the story had to end here, albus apparated/ portkeyed directly into the tower, right into the middle of all the the avengers sparring using weapons, and as soon as he arrived, clint put a arrow through his skull in reflex
5/26 c13 Guest
homing pigeon are you an indian?
are are you just very knowladgable about india and find it facinating
5/27 c5 GriffindorARMY
this chapter is so sweet..I did not even realize I was smiling alone like a loony
5/27 c69 4lizyeh2000
Loved your story , now favourited!
5/18 c60 7Royslady51
IF you like that, try (on youtube) watch?vQmmE5e0T1IM
5/17 c56 Royslady51
One Logitech USB wireless mousr would fix the mouse problem...and render the touchpad useless. Not that they aren't anyway. I use a desktop keyboard/mouse combo and turn off the touchpad altogether.
5/17 c54 Royslady51
Why doesn't he just Owl Bruce? The OWL can find him just fine.
5/17 c49 Royslady51
I sense he's trying to adopt Loki...who, honestly WOULD make a neat weird uncle for someone.
5/17 c38 Royslady51
The best name for a tightly clutched toad is SQUISH.
5/16 c22 1World-Explorer
kinda wish mateo didnt decide go to hogwarts right away. they didnt really explored any other schools and took dumbledores word at face value.
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