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4/24/2022 c31 Vaani S
Can't wait to see what'll happen next. Please update soon.
9/21/2021 c28 Vaani S
Ohh I'm so freaking curious to read the next chapter. You authors don't know how much eagerly, at least I, wait for your creative work. Thank you for updating.
5/20/2021 c24 Guest
Hey can someone make this Detective Conan fanfic for me please because I’m good at giving ideas but I’m terrible at creating fanfics so can you do this for me:

There is a young girl named Omi whose parent was a part of the Black Organisation but unlike Shiho Miyano, she did not grow up with the Black Organisation and they (BO) don't know she exists because her mother used a special drug that was able to hide any physical or facial features like there scars are not seen except for the one using the drug so Omi parents only knew that she existed. Before her parents died she was placed by her parents with a foster couple in Japan secretly right before their deaths. Soon she will discover her past when she encountered Haibara one day when Omi is 17 years old.

This story follows the Detective Conan canon timeline from the Vermouth Arc but has its original chapters that follow cases that have nothing to do with the Black Organisation. The Black Organization will never know that her existence and true identity. Also, she won't get shrunken like Ai, Conan etc. She is not a detective but is highly intelligent. She goes to the same school as Ran and Shinichi but she is in a different class from them. She has her own male OC love interest who is the same age as her. You can skip some episodes of the canon timeline if you want. The couples in this fanfic are still the same canon couples from Detective Conan like Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri, Sonoko and Makoto, Wataru and Miwako etc. Also, no canon characters have an OC love interest. Her adopted parents have biological children. The endings, as well as the canon characters of the canon episode, won't change even if there are OC's in the canon episodes. She is very beautiful and very good at art as well as making accessories. Also, no canon characters die and she never dies and her adopted family and friends never die.

She is very quiet, calm, reserved, timid and shy but like Ran she is mature, loving, patient, humble, kind, and nurturing. Omi adopted father is a pastry chef while her adopted mother is an engineer.

Omi younger sister named Rin who is one of her adopted parent's biological children goes to Teitan Elementary school, Omi adopted older brother and sister who are some of her adopted parent's biological children goes to University and Omi younger brother who is one of her adopted parent's biological children goes to Teitan Elementary school.

You can allow others to do give you ideas for original chapters by using this form.

Detective Conan Fanmade Case Form:

Setting: (for example a cake shop etc)


Inspector: (optional)

Police Detectives: (optional)



Case(s) solved by:





Cause of death: (optional)

Injury: (optional)

Culprit(s): (optional)

Suspects: (optional)

Dying Message: (optional)





Conan Hint:

Other Info: (optional)

People(s): (include age, name, appearance, gender, occupation, personality and other necessary Info)

Facts: (you know how Conan explained facts in the episodes like for his deduction etc. you can give him facts to explain)

Note: if there is more than one crime in the case then use the form more than once from the Case(s) solved by part to the other info part.

For none crimes, you can give codes or fake hauntings for them to solve.

Please do my story request. I’ll even help you. You can look at Detective Conan Wiki World for help even.
6/5/2019 c19 Guest
that ambiguity! that ambiguity! i can't have that i need more! keeping me on edge! giving me hope!

ok i'm calm
5/28/2019 c18 Ayzi
Pls continue I love this story it’s so good
10/5/2018 c16 6Smiley-Nami
This is good. Continue when you can.
8/19/2018 c16 PandashipsCS
Omg...His mom...This story really is the best read I've read so far. I liked this chapter so much because we saw how Megure correspond with Conan...Please keep updating I don't think I'll be able to bear thinking what will happen next.
6/20/2018 c14 14Akrim
Well, I really liked this chapter. Hopefully Hakuba will survive. Poor Keiko having to get him to safety when she's herself hurt and barely able to get out but then again there's adrenaline rushing through her veins and she should make it.

Aoko my poor girl, I wonder if she'll get into trouble. I'd like that haha like walking in on Snake and then, yeah what would she do then? haha

Very pumped for the next chapter :9
6/20/2018 c13 Akrim
Oh no! Explosion, what is going on here? O_O Where are Ran and Sonoko, where's Aoko, aaaah wanna know haha

Good chapter :D
6/20/2018 c12 Akrim
Hye ok I gotta review :D

So Agasa and Genta are the all-time food lovers hahaha and Haibara and her sass.

Ran and Sonoko are gone. haha Kogoro is hilarious as always xD
6/13/2018 c2 12Tobina
It’s funny how Aoko is the only one who doesn’t see Kaito’s appeal, but I think that’s what you get for being childhood friends. I feel already sorry for when she’ll find out his secret, and I think she will very soon according to the summary the story.

Oh, and I spotted a small typo in case you want to know. Near the end you wrote “...and Keiko leaned again a wall.” I think it should be ‘against’.
11/8/2017 c10 Pazac
I love that story. Please, continue like that.
9/20/2017 c10 14Akrim
Haha I hate Conan in this xD he's such an insolent brat, honestly xD

Well, you know my opinion, I liked it. Send me anything you have :DDD
7/22/2017 c9 Akrim
Did you actually write a new chapter? I think I read this one before XD

I wonder if things will change between Kaito and Aoko now. I'm looking forward to that :)

Here's a little critique though - Aoko went inside to do what actually? I thought it was supposed to be super secretive but then she just runs out to help Kaito and her father doesn't even acknowledge her. I don't really get that part. Why did she come in the first place? '

Concerning the length of a chapter. Well if you ask me, I love super long chapters. I think 20k is my limit because everything beyond that it too long I think, but until that limit I love reading long chapters :D it takes a while and a few things happen in the story which is really nice :D
7/20/2017 c10 6Lilly. K.Kayla
kaito and aoko's talk was indeed sensitive, i thought that she will spit it and say that she knows/ thinks that he is KID
honestly i skipped 2/4 of what megure and hondo spoke about the crime scene, but that was all that's left at the end. the heist is sure ganna be hard, besides, wasn't he late on the mentioned notice time? KID has to hurry. hope snake will be caught someday
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