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7/20/2017 c10 6Lilly. K.Kayla
it's been a long while since i read this, so i read it all from the beginning. are there more updates coming? it's been a while since you updated, and i hope the next ones will come soon. also i am looking forward to what Chikage will do (aside covering for Kaito as KID) and what kaito will do. how bad is his injury btw and hakuba is such an idiot. how can he be so cold? How! Kaito is his classmate/ friend from what i've seen things going in the series. he just deserved a free ticket to his doom and i will happily give it to him seriously that idiot pissed me off xD Arigatou for the story :D
12/24/2016 c10 1Parize
Just found this story a little earlier. it's so good! I really hope to read more whenever you feel up to it. The situation is just makes me feel so bad for Kaito and Aoko. Also, Happy Holidays!
9/11/2016 c10 nurassayas
4/26/2016 c8 10Eclipse Mueller
Ooo. Poor Kaito. Can't wait for more.
2/17/2016 c8 Strawberry
Please, please, please write more. This is one of the only good Magic Kaito fanfics I've been able to find, and it would really mean a lot if you could finish it. Please~.
12/20/2015 c7 Guest
This is will you continue
11/11/2015 c6 6Lilly. K.Kayla
Plz plz plz try to update as soon as possible T.T
11/10/2015 c5 Lilly. K.Kayla
omG, reading how kaito pretended to be sick... HHAHHAHA
One chapter left :D I hope to see more
Very good :D
9/24/2015 c6 8yumigami
Do whatever makes you feel comfortable bby and even if this semi-hiatus makes you feel bad just know that you are great. And I have tons of homework and haven't updated my stories in a long time so you can't be as bad as me cause I'm terrible lmao *hides from old fandoms*
8/29/2015 c4 yumigami
Okay, honestly, I don't know why there are only five reviews (plus me making six) for this story. Sure there isn't really any action going on but this is great. I love reading from a slow approach and gradually getting there. Because it doesn't seem rushed. But seriously, this is well-written and it's pretty interesting. If that poll is still up I'll totally vote! I just havta check hehee -;;

Yeah but if you're feeling down because some people come and go for reading this, just know that someone enjoys it a lot c: *points at me*
7/29/2015 c2 42Angel-LauraR
What happening with Hakuba and Aoko?
I need more KaiAo!
7/29/2015 c2 abcalfs
I really like the idea-the plot, too-that is. We finally can see Hakuba asked 'for real' for Aoko's help to catch the Kid. "Be my partner." I like how it sounds hehe. That was so Hakuba-ish
You put the characters nicely, I think they aren't out of their characters.

Then when Aoko just asked him right to his face, "You're not, right?" It's just so-so-cool! Mostly when Kaito reached for her hand and pulled her to him. I like those scenes hehe.
I have never found something like this before hehe, when Aoko just really-really trusted him that she would ask him right away.
Lastly, I give two thumbs up for Keiko and Aoko's friendship! Keiko doesn't really appear much, and seeing her in this-hugging Aoko and interrogating her all the time- she looks really nice.

Hope you'll post the next chapter soon :)
7/29/2015 c2 17Hebiaczek
It is still interesting but... well something could happen xD
7/22/2015 c1 Hebiaczek
I must say this sounds pretty intresting :) I'll gladly wait for the next chapter :)
7/22/2015 c1 42Angel-LauraR
No please! Saguru y Aoko no!
I need KaiAo!
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