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for Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Gender Generation!

4/29 c79 Guest
Please please please please please please please please please please update the next chapter.
4/28 c39 6KingJGamer
Huh, I wonder if Jaden has knowledge of the Masked HEROes, and if she or someone else (like Blair... or Jaden after season 3...) are going to use them?
4/16 c79 Nash
I love this story, you deserve a break
4/9 c79 Guest
Please please please please please update the next chapter.
4/4 c66 KingJGamer
I don't know why, maybe it's because I'm listening to so much fire force ed, but I'm imagining Jaden in a nun outfit, but its black instead of white. Reminds me of Index from A Certain Magical Index...
4/2 c35 KingJGamer
Oh yeah, I like how Don Zaloog is there, neat
4/1 c52 KingJGamer
I don't know why, but I'm imagining that Jaden is going to be the final sacrifice for the super polymerization card, and she forces all other sacrifices out and they all land in different areas of spirit world (Grave Keepers tomb, Amazon's rainforest, etc), and the loss of Jaden forces the Supreme Queen to become super angry and sorrowful and destructive, because her failure caused the death of her reincarnation
3/22 c9 KingJGamer
I just realized that you used a Zexal era trap card this chapter
3/18 c79 gxfan537
I can't wait to see the chapter where Jaden meets Jesse. Maybe we can have a Spiritshipping moment.
3/12 c40 KingJGamer
I now wait for Jaden to have Pharoah on top of Jaden's head
3/12 c5 KingJGamer
So is Jaden naturally a simple airhead or is that a coping mechanism from the medically induced amnesia and the isolation from not having friends?
3/9 c66 6Starintherednight
Its painful to see puberty do its work on poor emo Chazzy lmao.
3/7 c77 6KingJGamer
I got it, over the Summer, Jaden is facing off against the legendary Planet series with Terra Firma and Alexis comes along because she meets them and possesses The Tipper Mercury in her deck. Then Jaden starts calling her boss, or at least they spend more time together. Yeah, it's the GX Manga for the summer
3/4 c78 KingJGamer
Ah, no wait... I got it, you want to make this story end with Jaden x Jesse as the male who gets Jaden's heart. I'm not stoping with Yubel though. Thais a girl who would be super shy and Jaden is making her marry her and all that romantic comedy shit. I'm allowed to say shit right? And then go after Jesse as well because Jaden has no idea on marriage laws.

And I'm also set on Jaden calling Alexis "Boss", and Jaden being the Hatenko to Alexis' Don Patch
3/4 c79 KingJGamer
I'm sad there weren't more of Alexis and Jaden spending more time together, like them and Mindy and Jasmine and Blair (because of it being the third year), just hanging around talking about girl things, like international politics, or boys. Then Articus or Syrus or whoever shows up and she looks at them so hard they leave (in my joke of a head it's she pulls out a gun). Jaden then get so much respect for her that she calls her either Big Sis or Boss. It sticks with the other girls and they start calling her that too... I have to much Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo on the mind.

Also calling it now, the final ships that happen are Zane x Jaden for the dating scene and Jagen x Yubel for the girl side. Also Yubel is now a very shy and withdrawn because she thinks that she is an awful person who caused such an incident that if Jaden ever knew, Jaden would hate her for the rest of her life (thanks anxiety). Then she becomes the the shy awkward person of the Elemental Heroes and the Neo Spacians. Like the kind of person who somehow is at a party but has so much anxiety around people that she's trying to hide in a box in the corner. What?

Also, can't wait for the Third Year arc to start, also is this going to include the Japanese season 4 story?
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