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3/1 c1 jovanreynolds2
bro is shortmike ok?
6/1/2021 c1 Shortmike24
what dumb shit. hes grown up with oak. hes has this pig for 3 years. hes seen battles with that big ass garados but hes still a little pussy. and he is still stupid ash. didnt catch krabby. krabby allowed itself to be caught. missed eevee to give hugs and said " can you keep up?" just put the stupid thing back in its ball.
4/23/2021 c2 TheHarshApprentice
What the heck!? Bulbasaur is not a cow. I can understand you calling her a dinosaur but cow!?
4/17/2021 c1 Guest
How the hell did lose to the Samurai wannabe? And why us Ash more of a pushover than canon?l
2/21/2021 c24 Guest
still great!
2/20/2021 c12 Guest
amazing Team rocket sucks no surprise though!
11/23/2020 c21 2Kail Blade
I started twitching every time I read 'pokemons'. Pokemon is the plural as well as the singular. like Sheep or fish. I think you're not supposed to add an 's' to any Japanese word really
11/3/2020 c39 6SleepyDrampa
I assume this chapter being focused on lore means you're getting back into this story? If so that's awesome! Wasn't sure after ch. 38, as it seemed to be a bit more of a parody kinda thing, but since you said you missed writing Ash and the team I assume you're going back to Gore and everyone else. Can't wait to see that, and will definitely have to do a reread to remind myself of the story. Good luck with writing it!
10/19/2020 c1 wakfu321
Good story so far and like how you're also using the manga as part of the story, there aren't many that do that probably because in the manga Pokémon and people can get seriously injured or killed.
10/16/2020 c1 SvenTheDecoy
a krabby? really?
10/12/2020 c13 ob1292
Hopefully Ash will grow up at some point and realize that they only way to ensure his enemies cannot ever attack him again is to kill them, before his naivety comes back to harm those he cares about
10/10/2020 c1 Dayos
Don’t listen to the trolls your work is good dunno why you’re getting bombarded with negative comments keep it up man you got a fan
10/10/2020 c1 Guest
Man this is shit. Ash is shit to be specific. He’s annoyingly stupid, especially considering the fact Professor Oak is his grandfather. Naive, stupid, weak and doesn’t have a backbone. Pathetic. Can’t even control his own pokemon. This is by far the worst Ash out of any fanfic I’ve read.
10/7/2020 c39 Roman Torchic
I barely remember what the story was about except that he started with a swinub, but I suspect your take on mega evolutions and "transcendents" won't be very popular, particularly because there are stronger pokemon, both in canon lore and games. I'll have to remember to give this a read again.
10/6/2020 c1 euojoukjoykjyuokjokjojkokyokjo
What a gay story reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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