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3/30/2019 c13 leonardowife101
plz update very soon
7/13/2016 c12 Lill2350
*shakes head* oh Dean, never change lol. He kinda deserved whatever Seth did to him though. Great chapter love! From the beginning to end, I was hooked! Especially the carnival part at the end, trust Dean and Valentina to get competitive lol.

Thank you so much! I love them too and I'm so excited to see them in Suicide Squad as Joker and Harley! Margot is absolute fave of mine because I've been watching her since she was on Neighbours (An Australian Soap Opera Show here) and I love Jared's acting and 30 Seconds to Mars as well haha. :D

Once again, great chapter! :)
7/11/2016 c12 18MsConCon
First off before I forget I love how much thought and creativity you put into this story. From your trailer to your titantron to all the clothing choices and her pets...just everything! Moves and names and just all of it...it's just genius. I am in awe. Just wow. This is amazing dedication and so damn awesome. Great job on it all. -Applauds-

And we get some more awesome match telling and Valentina and the boys kicking ass as only they can. I also want to thank you for making my want of going through the Star Wars franchise again a big necessity. No joke, it is all your fault sweets. lol. No but I love how cute and nerdy our couple can be...but then we had it ruined by none other than Dean fucking Ambrose...-Sigh- Of course. I honestly want to rip him a new one, for real. Not cool at all. And what the fuck? You're getting down yet you're listening in on a private conversation? Um...ok. -Side eyes- While I was worried about the repercussions of Valentina backhanding Dean I can't say I blame her and he knew all about their plans...he was being an asshole. He could have taken it elsewhere or say...put some ice on it. God Dean, grow up a bit. And he had no right to place his hands on her. Lucky he didn't get himself beat to hell by his bros. Shit, or Valentina. I...*I* wanted to kill him!

I am glad the two are ok and back to normal. Dean is still an annoying nuisance and Valentina is over his shit even tho she loves that dude like the brother she never had. Again...this foursome is awesome. You never fail to make me laugh with each chapter. Dean being the victim of her newest move was great. It was only right and you did lose Dean, hun. Get over it.

Can I say I love how fangirl Valentina is over so many awesome things. I practically love half the stuff this girl does. Can she be my best friend? Like seriously.

And Seth is such a good boyfriend. ;) No, he really is a sweetheart. -Sighs dreamily- He is just awesome in here. He loves that girl to pieces and is always making her smile or taking care of her and I couldn't ask for more. I love them so damn much. I need them to get together quick.

And Oh! I see you said there was reference to a quote from Captain America: Civil War but that other line in here about ending Dean and making it look like an accident reminded me of the Cat and the Hat movie (the one with Mike Myers). One of my favorite scenes, that had me dying. Probably didn't even mean to do that but I was laughing so much.

You are great my dear. Keep up the awesome work and no worries on how long it takes. These updates are well worth the wait and believe me...I understand writer's block or posting later than you'd like. Your writing more than makes up for any wait and honestly...some of the best writing takes time. ;) Great job on this update. This is one of the best things out there.
7/11/2016 c11 MsConCon
God I really am getting in some good reading before bed. Staying up later than I want...but totally worth it!

Another great chapter! Got some nice action in. You really do the match descriptions well. Dean is such a frickin asshole oh my god! lmao! And a nosy one too. Crazy sumbitch. I mean he might be right but still...come on man. Smh.

I just love how sneaky and evil Valentina is. And her responses...she is just too precious. I love her. Getting those shots in and then her response to Seth's words. I love the sass on this girl. I really, really do. Holy shit! The spear in studio! Holy...wow! Go guys, go! I am so in love with this foursome yo! And speaking of spears, and no that's not leading to anything dirty...yet, Roman picking on Val was great! Hey...it had to happen sooner or later. You family girl and just well...it's mandatory and him talking about the full name thing had me howling. Dude that would just be weird anyway...lol

That hot shower scene. Girl...wow...You say you're getting the hang of the smut but I don't see any issue! God...when these two get it on...Oh man. And then Seth seeing her in a flushed, towel covered state was great! Then of course we have Dean. -Rolls eyes- Of course...He is such a jackass. lol.

Still totally epic. One more and then my slow booty is all caught up. Loving this so much!
7/10/2016 c10 MsConCon
People! Stop interrupting them! I need kissage! Gah!

Despite that this chapter was still perfect. Seth is so smitten with our girl and I love their relationship so much. And I'm just talking their close friendship. I love getting backstory and seeing the beginning made me so damn emotional. I wanted to jump into my comp and take care of Jimmy myself (Plus that makes me want to watch my DVD's of Seth's indie days now. I really, really need to and I'm laughing at the scene she was watching before Seth called her. I remember that one and I nearly died laughing at it.

Seth really makes me want to grab and squeeze the heck out of him. Roses? And tickets to her favorite band's concert. Can he be any more perfect? That game playing made me crack up so bad. These two. HaHaHa. I can just picture it all. And then movie watching. They truly are the best of friends and you have me all in my feels over these two. And ooh hey! Titanic mention and Harry Potter! HeeHee. Such cute nerds. You have Seth's personality down pat it's crazy! His words during the game playing and all throughout. I'm am in love with this story dude!

And finally...first date! We have some progress! It might not seem like it to Valentina but it totally is! The lady making the mistake of them being a married couple was perfect and thank you Seth for rolling with it! Yes! Still wanting that kiss like no one's business but all in good time, I know. If I didn't know any better I'd say it was fate that they kept getting interrupted but I know better. Ain't nothing but prolonging the inevitable. You really want him girlie? You get yo man! Please!

Another beautiful chapter. You really have a way with words you know that? You have me feeling so much giddiness but then I get all down and sad yet I squeal and aww. Yeah, you have me all over. I'm so happy to be reading this.
7/10/2016 c9 MsConCon
I know..I know. I'm a slow reviewer. -Bows head- I think everyone has suffered the slowness of this reader and just...ugh. -Pouts- But I'm here now and prepare for these retard ass reviews I tend to leave everywhere I go cause oh boy, you always have so much I want to cover. This was hella action packed yet hit me with emotional feels and I just can't deal. First off, let me say I loved the song choice for the chapter. Beautiful, beautiful song. I only know the Glee version but I will definitely be checking that one out for sure cause Glee? Really? lmao!

God I have missed this story. I can't believe I allowed myself to fall so behind and I regret that but then again...I get tons of awesome reading so hmm...

The morning scene between our two lovebirds wasn't much at first but yet I still am internally screaming over here. Them sleeping together is just to cute. We already know these two are in love but watching them admit and figure that out is fun. Valentina making breakfast for the boys was totally sweet. I love these four together. And then you have Dean making his quips and Roman just being adorable and sweet and Seth pouting. You really capture this groups greatness in spades. You are the only one who has made a female Shield member work and you do it spectacularly. Just major kudos to you. And Monrollins is such an awesome ship name. I am still loving that.

Dude..I am so with Valentina...Punk was just sounding like a whiny baby and really needed to take a step back but they had a job to do. Ugh. And hold up..before I forget...dude..the vibrator thing. Omg...I'm dying. Dean is such a fucking smartass asshole. HaHa. But hey...I'm not opposed to Seth using one on her on top of hey, using the best thing which is him. ;) Do it all I say. Oh god I need these two to bone pronto. Seriously. Throw out them I love yous and bone till you're sore. lmao! I'm insane yes, I know. HaHa.

I just love when these four deliver their beat downs. You don't even know. I wish we could get this on screen. God man. Valentina with her f bomb on tv and Dean yelling: Fuck off Goatface in the middle of his sentence and omg..you added the "This is our table now!" part with Roman. You are awesome. Then you hit me with anger and major Monrollins feels and I can't deal! I wanted to bash an asshole's face in but thankfully she has her bros and love with her. Dude...that guy got off lucky. Real lucky. And that dancing...oh that dancing. I need these two to stop "dancing" around their feelings. For real. Seth is such a sweetheart for not taking advantage...god I know he wanted her (we all do!) but yeah, he's right. Not like that and it wouldn't be the greatest first time. All in due time girlie, all in due time. Dude loves you and that ain't changing.

God I don't want to be annoying and break this all down but with your awesomeness I just can't help it and totally random but I'm laughing about Michael Cole hopping up and telling peeps that he has no problem doing just that...but back to the current happenings...

Seriously I'm so pissed at Dean...not like raging but dude seriously?! Come on! They were so close to locking lips and no Seth, she didn't want to kiss yo damn cheek! You serious? I wanted the nasty, naughty, sexy kisses *coughs* or sweet...both? lmao! But really tho...I could smack a bitch myself! And I love that asshole. Ugh! Glad he was getting laid into because seriously...no. But Valentina made me laugh with her reaction. Her words and her telling him off. I love those two's back and forth. LMFAO!

Oh Valentina...don't make me cry. You two will get your acts together. And his gift! Omg...Stop making me tear up here!

This was so awesome. I am so happy to be coming back to this and on such an action packed chapter! Awesome, awesome job!
5/3/2016 c11 14Lill2350
Girl, you are going to make want to take cold showers with these fantasy scenes! They're so good!

That match was great and I love how you involved Valentina and Nattie, awesome job on that! I could see that match happening in my mind as I read it and including the spear on Nattie with the Roman and Sheamus spot was so cool!

Great chapter, hunn, I really enjoyed it! :D
3/25/2016 c10 HelloP
dis waere rely g00d
3/16/2016 c10 Lill2350
Great chapter Hunn! The flashback was awesome and I love the first meeting between her and Seth! That whole Valentine's Day part was adorable and I couldn't stop laughing at the dialogue between her and Seth when they were playing COD!

And once again...


I love that it's becoming a recurring thing because that's such a Dean thing to do lol. Also, I love Luna and Khalessi! They're both so cute! :)

Again, awesome chapter! :) Can't wait for the next one! :)
3/16/2016 c10 1grrlygrrl
Just found this story today and I love it so much! Can't wait for the next update :)
3/14/2016 c10 1Seth rollins babe
Great chapter
2/10/2016 c9 Seth rollins babe
Great chapter and Have fun at smackdown.
2/10/2016 c9 14Lill2350
GOD DAMNIT DEAN! I was waiting for that kiss! xD although, not gonna lie, I laughed so hard about it because it's such a Dean thing to do lol. This chapter was great love and I enjoyed every single word of it! :)

That club scene was really well written and the boys being protective over Valentina was awesome and I loved it! :) I loved RAW and Smackdown and your spin on it :)

Yay! I'm so excited for Valentina and Seth to finally get together! I hope you enjoy Smackdown next week, I'm super jealous since WWE only come to Australia once a year and they're not coming to my city this year :(

But once again, this chapter is great and have fun at Smackdown! :D
2/10/2016 c9 abitoflightreading
Ok Dean and Valentina's scenes cracked me up. They are my favourite ones to interact, sorry Seth and Valentina. But they are very close to my favourite. Also with the guys being protective of her at the club with that creep, amazing. I'm wondering if Zahara will make an appearance later on in the story when The Shield breaks up.
2/10/2016 c9 12wwetickler30
Ugh...the suspense is KILLING me! Valentina needs to tell him that she loves him and get it over with instead of pussyfooting around! Great chapter!
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