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1/22/2016 c8 14Lill2350
This match and chapter was amazing! I loved Valentina's involvement and that breakdown of hers was just heart breaking. And Dean and Valentina's interactions just crack me up. Him riling her up is just hysterical haha. Plus the Monrollins moments were so cute and I honestly just want them to get together! lol.

Once again, great chapter love and I can't wait for the new one! :)
1/21/2016 c8 18MsConCon
Ok, before I forget, Valentina's tweets are pure genius. Just...I love thos everytime I see them.

Ok...and now...I just love how our girl can hang with the boys. Love how she doesn't ask for special treatment. Wants it all, to do it all. That training session was nice. Yeah she was getting pissed but she was keeping her own. This girl is badass. And yay for one upping Seth! Got the win...now I'd only she could kick Ambrose's ass. ;)

Again, your matches telling is excellent and then you go and kill me with Valentina breaking down on television because Seth's hurt. God these two dorks are so in love. I can't help but cringe every time Valentina takes some hard hits tho. Like don't mess her up for life yo! What if she wanted future babies. Lol. Still...beautiful, just beautiful. And then the tender moment at the end...I just can't with these two. Heart eyes over here. Loved this.
1/20/2016 c7 MsConCon
Oh shit! The parallels, the parallels! That was beautiful! Wow. I love how you show these two are there for each other through important times and it only spurs them on harder. Wow this couple...and they're not even a couple! Lol. But in my mind they are without all the offical mumble jumble. But man...the love. -Sighs happily-

And dude...

Valentina and AJ tore the house down! That match was awesome! I really felt like I was there could picture everything being described. Lovely visuals. You did amazing! You are a pro at the matches woman!

And then this scene...oh boy, this scene. If there was ever any doubt about her feelings...yeah, think again. That was freakin hot! Why were you worried? You did wonderful, but no surprise cause your writing is spectacular. So yeah...just yeah. You have totally got the smut writing skills. Hell yes!

And as for the authors note: Ok! Let me go ahead and recheck. Lol. Good to know. Thanks for that. Yeah, I'm still loving Dean and Valentina's verbal sparring. Those two are a trip, can't wait for later chapters and it's just hilarious how annoying he is. He keeps it up and he'll truly get popped. Hey, slow burn is beautiful. Meanwhile we get to see all the fun tension filled drama in between! I'm here for it all. :D
1/20/2016 c8 12wwetickler30
I love this story! Valentina and Seth's relationship is so cute...can't wait to see it turn into something more. ;)
1/20/2016 c8 Bajor10
Great chapter please don't have Seth turn on the shield in this story update soon please let me know
1/19/2016 c8 1Seth rollins babe
Great chapter.
1/19/2016 c2 lunaticprincess7085
I love the Two Face reference... it's exactly what I used to call Rollins when everyone else was calling him the male Cruela Deville
12/31/2015 c7 14Lill2350
Oh man! *fans self* that fantasy was hot! I loved the Last Man Standing match between AJ and Valentina, great job lovely! I can't wait for TLC and how Valentina and the rest of The Shield goes and how you write the match!

I'm so glad that you love my story! Thank you so much for reading it!

Again, this was an awesome chapter and I can't wait for the next one! :)
11/12/2015 c6 2Aiphira
Loved it! Loved every single word of it! Can't wait for more!
11/1/2015 c6 14Lill2350
This is a great story so far! I love Valentina's character and her interactions with The Shield boys, especially Seth ) The brawl between AJ and Valentina was awesome! Looking forward to seeing more of this story soon )
10/10/2015 c6 18MsConCon
I think both the first version and second version are equally as good. Sorry I'm slow to respond but I's here. And dude...you made me blush. A fan of my stuff? My junk? Aww, thanks. :s But back to the important matter at hand. You delivered once more. Tons of goodies too! Valentina showing her dominance over AJ and gave that thrilling promo which I'm sure is making lots of them quake in their boots...as they should. She's so right! Everything has changed and I miss the brash, take no prisoners, straight out brawls the girls could have back in the day...matches too! She's gonna show them! Each and every one of them. Oh! And thank you for the references for the moves...I went and looked up each one and they're badass. This is gold. And I am jumping for joy at these four tearing through the roster. Seth and Valentina are still killing me...but in a good way and you weren't lying when you said there would be more Dean and Valentina moments! I am squealing. Those two are hilarious! This is still as awesome as ever! Keep up the lovely work!
10/9/2015 c6 HelloP
Graet chapter I thought the brawl was g00d
10/8/2015 c6 Guest
loved it, great job! also thanks for the visuals of her moves :)
10/8/2015 c6 20Pinayprincesa
Val and Seth would make such a cute couple! Even Dean and Ro could sense the chemistry between them!
9/26/2015 c5 PoopySal
I have been reading this story since it started but I only got a account today and I really love this story. I have put it on my fave list. And I'm following it. I also voted for who Valentina should face at TLC.
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