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1/4/2022 c137 Guest
be humble, respectaable polite is a nice thing but be arrogant is a bad thing, some etiquette are useless if they are arrogant, vulgar and perverted
10/11/2021 c1 Read this
Choco, or as I knew you, Kit... I dunno if you'll ever read this, or whether you forgot about this account long ago. But we were good friends way back from 2014-2016ish, on this website. I miss those days and would love to check in and have a catch-up with you, because it's been so long. I've tried messaging you on so many times but I'm guessing you can't access this account anymore. If you still check these reviews then pls review this story with a new account or something so I can message you and we can catch up! c:

thank you so much, I miss talking to you!
3/24/2021 c163 Guest
Well it’s been years :/
2/12/2021 c41 Guest
"so bored...gonna go read harry potter" LMFAO
2/12/2021 c38 Nalu NALU NALU
chapter 38,IS AMAZING...Gotta love the pokemon stuff...
1/2/2020 c11 fairytailfanatic0703
Actually you didn't tell when natsu came back from death .How did this happen?Actually I just wanted to ask .
10/29/2019 c38 Poprock2363
8/31/2019 c77 Ushindeshi
I agree Nashi is cute.
8/31/2019 c69 Ushindeshi
Cute, I'm never getting tired of this.
8/31/2019 c21 Ushindeshi
Great chapter. Damn you author, you like to give people heart attack.
6/22/2019 c163 Link312
I remember when this collection started. I remember when the updates stopped. But I don't remember when it ended. That's because it hasn't ended yet. Even though updates haven't come in for over three years, this collection is still standing. You can do it. Maybe not now, but someday, you will have the strength to come back. And I will be here waiting to read your new update, because damn it I'm not letting one of my favorite one-shot collections disappear in my memory. The proof for this is how I come back and check every time I come onto this site. Now, that may not be every week, but I am ready and waiting. You will be able to do this someday. I believe. I know.
5/29/2019 c163 1prisealla
with your little nalu au i want so much and i hope you’re doing fine now and i love it and it made me almost cry. your writing is absolutely fluffy and cute. again i hope you’re doing fine
5/29/2019 c90 prisealla
you know you’re dedicated when you fill half a chapter of “are too, are not”
2/23/2019 c68 Guest
Noooo bring Natsu back let’s watch him blush madly
9/3/2018 c163 Kpoparmy
This chapter was hilarious and cute. Like I can imagine this being an actual chapter.
But back on business... you said no more stalling but ITS BEEN TWO YEARS.
I know you may have private business to attend to and stuff.
But if you can, pls update.
I really like ur one shots so pls continue.
Best wishes
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