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8/3/2008 c7 4PyroEra
nyah! This is so cute!

Loved every part of it - and I nearly cried when Ivan died (stupid Wild Gryphons!)

Keep up the good work!
6/17/2006 c7 9Sabishi Tomo
Pretty good...Though it was really sad...
7/28/2004 c7 somebody
Beautiful. ;.;
5/25/2004 c7 Senko
WOW!...That was wonderfull..I want to cry..sort of ! I think this is the best GS story ever! Please update!
5/9/2003 c7 39Mikaa
A very good story, one that was my first reading of Ivan/Mia awhile back. Sorry it took so long to review...
4/27/2003 c7 69Alex Warlorn
If there is one weakness to Golden Sun, it's that it's characters don't develope. Not quite the way I pictured them, but your story. And getting some game macanics to actually work with the story, always a plus sign.
4/9/2003 c7 4Chibiki
Heyas! I was kinda sad when it ended like this, but I'm happy to know Ivan didn't die! *Cheers, throws confetti* I would also like to say, thank you, for reveiwing my very first Golden Sun story! *Again cheers, throws confetti* And that you are a wonderful writer! *cheers AGAIN, throws confetti* I'll see ya when I see ya! *Cheers, ...* There's no morw confetti! Wah! *Runs off to find more stuff to shred*
3/6/2003 c7 14Happy Stalker Ball
I never finished reviewing this story! OOps! I remember reading it~ but, ah well, I sometimes forget to review! ~_~ Although, I'm finding this whole 'review history' thing highly helpful~ and fun, too! Off subject I know! Anyway, this was really good! I like this whole one-sided love idea! ^_^

And you made a perfect story to go along with the whole one-sided theme! ^_^

*~~the EMPRESS~~*
1/18/2003 c7 xcvbn
One word-WOW! That was great! Ivan wasn't dead forever! I Found the Summons being in control of the Revive in Chapter 6 a very nice way of explaining how Revive works. Wonderfully done. I hope to see more works of yours in the GS section!
1/15/2003 c6 speller56
Hey, nice story. Very good, only one annoying thing. The forbidden word: cliffhanger. GAAAAAAHHHHHH! I SAID IT! *cowers in fear* erm, back to the review, good fic. Enough drama, a tad of humor, good plot, plenty of other good fic stuff= This fic.

PS: I'm the same guy the complimented you on Neopets, before you ask.
1/15/2003 c6 8Jupiter Sprite
OOOooooOOoooo... I like the 'Big Up There'. ^^

Yes, Revive is wonderful. ^_^ WHEEEEEE off to read the side stories. ^_^


P.S. Why is it I'm HAPPY when I read an angst story? O.o;;;
1/15/2003 c1 Akiko
Oooh...I'm intrigued...I'll have to read the rest when I have time.

Ivan: Right now, we'd better run!

Uh huh! Great story, I can't wait to read the rest!
1/15/2003 c6 9Midnight C
Length isn't indicative of a "classic" in my book (interesting choice of word, BTW). Sometimes the short ones are better because the long ones are so...LONG. ^_^

This was really good even with the torturing of Ivan and keeping Isaac muted (I detect a small jab at the game programmers in that move ^_^). This one-sided romance stuff is pretty unique, I think, and you did a wonderful job with it. Hope to see more from you down the road.
1/13/2003 c5 1Shiroi Prayer
KLG: ::crying::

KLB: -; good chapter, by the way

KLG: yeah, plz finish!
1/12/2003 c4 Jupiter Girl

Pure torture is a very appropriate title for your story, with all the cliffhangers! ^^

Pleeeaaaase continue! I love this story!

(He's not really dead, is he? *sob* ... oh well... fits the plot line...)
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