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for Desperate Measures

11/27 c1 CassiopeiaHastur
I just read it again! Still love it
11/27 c7 DEEG1291
Gosh, what a fascinating story! I hope someday you will finish it.
11/15 c6 37Snaperipper
I love this story so much. I love seeing other families besides the Weasleys taking care for Harry. I hate Dumbledore. I would love to see Snape's reaction to Dumbledorks abandonment of Harry after the pledge he made to Dumbledork. to protect Harry.
11/12 c7 Anitaxp
What a great story! I love the twist you are giving it. Hermione’s character is awesome because I can clearly see her new and okd personality mixed.
This fic is truly a gem! I cannot wait to keep reading more.

Thank you for sharing!
11/2 c7 rogueofstorms
I know it's been 3 years, but I can hold out hope for an update, yeah? I enjoy the premise of this fic, and it's a shame it's been left for so long at such a neat point in the story
10/18 c3 CharmedNightSkye
What an absolutely amazing story. I absolutely love it. Hermione Black is so precious and I just want to wrap Harry up in a hug. Cass is so fun and I love her trio of friends. They will completely rule the waizarding world from the background if they care too. I"m so sorry that covid was especially horrible for you. I hope you and yours are feeling better and brighter now if you can.
9/24 c7 britbrat32909
One of the best stories I've come upon use both books and movies info having some of the adults actually doing best by the children I've always felt dumdls was manipulating old man who was just another dark lord like no one knew voldy real name smh information can when and lose wars history teaches this sorry rambling great story hope your able to complete well wishes to you and yours
9/22 c7 Mio
Harry y Hermione pueden ser pareja.
9/22 c1 Mioo
Una pregunta Harry puede ser pareja de Hermione
8/26 c7 2rcemre
This is one of the first ‘Hogwarts years’ fics I’ve ever truly enjoyed! I usually prefer post-school/adult characters. I know it’s been 3 years but I’m fooling on the hopes it may continue at some point in the future!

Hope you are well. 3
8/22 c7 Guest
Please update.
8/14 c7 Guest
I love this story!
8/8 c1 abifrenchfry
I love this book and I really want the rest of it
7/25 c7 xamyjayne
I stumbled across this story for the first time recently, and I'm intrigued to know how everything is going to crumble around old Dumbles.

I hope you're doing okay, and that you may publish a continuation to the story in the future.
6/23 c7 Leah
I know it’s 2023 and I still love this story . 2nd read through and still love it. . Thank you Leah
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