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for Desperate Measures

6/28 c7 ashadowdancer
Thank you for this story so far. I hope you will be able to continue with this story. I REALLY want to see where you are going to go with his.

I would love to read the chapters about an older Hermione and her future love interests-Pucy v. Flint v. others.

I keep checking and rereading to make sure that I will not forget the storyline so far.

Again, Thank you and please write more.
6/19 c7 Guest
Continue please
6/5 c7 11Harry2
Before everything is said and dond, Dumbass will be out of a jon, out of office, and IMPALED on a pike, ala Prince Vlad Dracula's favorite form of execution!
6/5 c4 Harry2
I can understand why Harry reacted like this for Christmas. The Dursley's HATE magic, which is why they treat Harry the way they do. And there is one phrase that carries weight in both the magical and muggle world: Family takes care of Family!
6/5 c2 Harry2
When Hermione Gets to Hogwarts, she will do well in the classes, and NO ONE will mess with her property if they know what is good for them
6/5 c1 Harry2
Even though she is being raised as a Black, Hermione STILL has the desire to learn what she can
6/5 c7 Lilly1127
You still have plenty of support for this story! It's great.
6/1 c7 erstwhile-S
Second time reading this. Loved little Hermione’s fierceness and demands as much as young Hermione’s stubborn persistence and loyalty. Liked all the characterisations really, especially the old ladies’ who are plotting Dumbledore’s downfall. I hope you are able to complete this story some day. Thanks for these wonderful few chapters in any case.
5/24 c7 6CelestialWings65
This is amazing! I couldn't stop reading and am so invested in this! You have a great talent and I'm excited in the upcoming chapters!
5/20 c7 CNoun
darn, this has to be a slow buildup against albus' ruin xd

in the end the man is alone in his machinations
4/19 c7 1hitokori midnight
please please update this book! its amazing and I cant wait for albus to get ripped to shreds!
4/9 c7 RillaBlytheWrites
Ahhhh this was such an amazing chapter! I hope you update soon. I feel very invested in this story, and am dying to know what will happen with Harry, whether they’ll go to Durmstrang, and just how Dumbledore will be taken down.
4/8 c7 aallen26
Please update soon! It’s so good!
4/7 c6 HollyGlen
Ahhh I loved how Pettigrew was captured! I’m loving BAMF Cassiopeia and Hermione.
4/7 c4 HollyGlen
I’m loving this so much that I have to keep reminding myself it hasn’t been updated in ages, just so I’m ready for the goodness to end! Pleeeease say you’ll update again soon! I’ve already grown to love these characters so much.
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