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1/3 c1 Agentdarkjewel
Okay, to be brutally honest I have no clue what Devil May Cry is. Looked up character references the first time I read this and yet am still in love with the story. I enjoy plenty of stories, but I commend you on this for how absolutely amazing it is. ~To your continued metal health in this sad, sad world~
11/26/2020 c46 Rairi Valelira
Bad stone! Bad!
11/22/2020 c41 Rairi Valelira
Well I found myself back here and not remembering what I wrote. I have been going through old fanfiction I never finished reading. Most things I simply lost interest in after not reading for so long and its hard. Ive had to read this all over ago because I simply forgot what I read.
11/22/2020 c37 Rairi Valelira
... ahhhh... here we go again with this putting yourself down as a monster thing... I hate it so much, even in fiction. Why do people have to be so damn stupid and selfish? They reject the words and feelings of others when they become so fixated on their own truth they fabricated in their mind. I understand, but I will not hold any sympathy for people like that.

They leave others feeling worthless.
11/21/2020 c37 Draconic Reborn
straight up if she told me she though her soulmate would reject her because of her race, I'd go oh my God thats so terrible your soulmates a bigot? I didn't know soulmates could be so poorly matched. Does he hate magicals too?
if she denied him being a bigot I'd ask but wait your saying he's going to reject you because your part demon aka your race right? Thats racism and racism is bigotry. You seem pretty convinced he's going to reject you because of your race so either he's a bigot or your making a problem that doesn't exist.
11/21/2020 c37 Draconic Reborn
not gonna lie it really feels out of character for marzanna to be being this monumentally stupid consistently despite having incredible valid points shoved down her throat and past experience showing that she's blowing this all way out of proportion for no reason she killed wastes of space she knows thats what they were she acknowledges their lives were not more valuable than hers or her friends how is she still hung up on this. And for her to think kirito is gonna be rascist just makes no goddamn sense, at least the killer thing has some basis in reality in that kirito has shown distaste for needless taking of life but when has he ever shown any inclination for racism? The fuck she has to have a real shitty opinion of him I guess since she believes he'll reject her on race alone.
11/19/2020 c46 higurashirose
omg this update was very welcome and I looked forward to reading this all day at work thank you!
11/19/2020 c46 13Zoran Dawn-Eclipse
Really enjoyed reading this chapter. Thanks for uploading it.
11/19/2020 c46 1shadowchaos5150
Is that? It is! A new chapter after all this time! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I see Sinon has made her first appearance at last, though the mention of the BoB made me double check the SAO timeline to confirm which one it was. It's going to be interesting seeing how things change in the 3rd BoB with Kazuto having backup from AT LEAST Marzanna & maybe Nero in addition to the help/self imposed protection detail of Sinon. I mean come on, do you really expect me to believe that Marzanna won't be assisting him in game in some way? Nah, she'll be there right alongside him if given the chance. Also, Kazuto's already gone through his memories hasn't he? While I doubt it'll be instantaneous, I'm curious if he'll remember Xaxa in time to prevent his perversion of the tournament? Ah well, given the proximity of those events (less than a month in universe), I expect we'll have an answer by the time the next chapter comes out. Also, YAY Yui has a body! And now only 2 (potentially 3) Horcruxes remain.
11/18/2020 c46 1orion0905
Ahhh so much cuteness, too much fluff. I love it.
11/18/2020 c46 HuangBaiLian
Please more
11/17/2020 c46 4DA Exodus
You know I find it funny that this is the only story on ffn that I consistently leave reviews on at this point. But to answer your question yes there are still plenty of questions left though I think I have the beginning answers to one of them havi g to deal with the connection between the stone and Marzanna and it's basis of a connection to Pandora. My thought being it's using the basis of a soul connection to form a bond with Marzanna and that's how it's also connected to Pandora as u said in an earlier chapter pandora was made out of 666 souls and the resurrection stone can bring souls from death back obviously so I think that's the connection there. As for the overall chapter itself it was fantastic and incredibly interesting especially the end with you having her own body if u was reading it correctly. I'm interested in what's gonna be coming up next especially since it looks like we might be entering the GGO arc next. Also don't worry about how long it takes quality is better than quantity when it comes to writing after all plus I can understand the muse and block issues, ad I want to work on my stuff and just have no inspiration. Anyways I'm looking forward to the next chapter and what ever comments u have to say back xD. It seems like we have an amazing friendship going on here and I for one am hoping to be able to consider u a good friend. Take care Vorpal and keep yourself safe!
11/17/2020 c46 3wolfviking
more please. and i am very happy that yui has a body now.
11/17/2020 c46 1harlequin320
great chapter, keep up the good work
11/17/2020 c46 TheTerrmites
I feel like something that should happen is Voldemort blowing the lid on the whole not human thing. Given his alliance with Mundus I imagine Mundus would share that piece of information. Also it would hurt there position with some people so of course Voldemort would share it. Also could result in some good story possibilities.
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