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for Driven By Fear

3/31 c14 Guest
Really love this story. I am an atheist so I don’t agree with the god stuff but it helped you and that’s all that matters.
12/8/2019 c16 5SharkBait1027
This story was simply beautiful
10/9/2019 c2 generalmayhem57
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5/1/2018 c8 8Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
Okay, now I'm genuinely worried for and about Fear by now. I don't know if emotions have bodily functions, however, I assume so. Guessing if that's the case, then Fear would have to eat something to keep up his strength, which means wouldn't he have to eventually defecate and urinate, soon afterwards? How would he manage that, without leaving the consul? The only two options would be to do so in his underwear on purpose or use a bucket. Either way, poor Fear!
4/30/2018 c6 Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
This is when I want so badly to help Fear, to ask him if that's what he thinks, that Riley must be consumed by him. I would point out that the more you get used to something, the less you are afraid of it or are supposed to be. I would also hesitatingly ask him what about that camp counselor's story scared him so much. It just kills me that none of the emotions connect the dots sooner. Then again, isn't that the way things go when you're in the thick of the problem?
7/19/2017 c1 Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
Oh my goodness, poor Fear, poor Riley! I can empathize with Riley’s situation, as I’ve been ruled by that emotion, too, only, it didn’t last for just two years, it lasted for five, in a row. As I read your story, I wanted nothing more to scoop up Fear and Riley into my lap, hug them and comfort them, for going through similar feelings that I went through, although mine was for a completely different reason. I wish I could have been there for you at the time you were going through all of that. I would have felt very inadequate, as I haven’t had very many successful experiences in comforting people who are hurt, however, I would have done my best, to provide you with some support, advice and encouragement. There are very few fanfictions featuring Fear, that make me want to comfort and advise him, as my own Fear has been the leader in my life, for a very long time. You did a wonderful job in describing what Fear and yourself went through, during that time in your life. I hope I can do the same in my own fanfiction.
2/13/2016 c16 4FriedCuccoLady
should have written earlier to you, should have...
The first story of yours i found and loved was Inner Light, and that's how i found you:) i also loved Echoes and now Destinations (such a shame you're putting this one aside:/), Safe and Sound too... but i don't know what kept me from reviewing- couldn't bring myself to:/ anyways, on your profile i met Inside Out for the first time, so couldn't read it without watching it first... so i watched it sometime ago, and only yesterday decided to read your story:) (guess what, i already finished it:P) and this wasn't what i was expecting:)
the main thing i want to tell you, is that you're amazing for sharing such a piece of a personal thing with others... and it was hard to believe you had to put up with this kind of torture for two years... i didn't have the exact thing happen to me, but i had my troubles so i could understand the situation... Well, i still have problems and know that probably you have too, because the closer to God you want to be, the more the demons want to get you... that's another thing you're amazing for- for speaking so openly(or rather bravely) of your faith (i'm not that brave:P), that's probably why i decided to finally write a review for you:D
another thing, you did an awesome job describing all those painful and difficult things/memories, also with great usage of Inside Out characters- i don't know if the effect would be the same if you described your experiences only as Riley or only as Emotions- the mixture was great to say the least:) and that you remember it all so well, wow! (i'm trying to push painful memories out of my head, what much more results in pushing the good ones out;P)
the other thing i liked about the way you wrote, was that, after certain chapters you didn't leave any note, as if for reader to stop for a moment and think this through:) that was a nice little touch:P i'm also glad it's all in the past, only as memory to reminiscent and learn from:) and it's good to know you're now a more open person, because i'm still not and i wish i was like that...:)
anyways, the one thing that made me totally thinking about actually (equally to what happened to you) is your siblings... you didn't write much about Riley's friend reactions, but your siblings must have gone through much more than Casandra (seeing their older sibling threatening them and herself with a knife? yeah...), so i wonder how the whole thing affected them:) i hope they're all good and wish you lot the best:)
before i started writing this review i had so much to tell you and now i have no more ideas, don't know what happened to them:/ the one thing i remember though, is about your dyslexia- you write so well, it's unnoticeable:) i also wonder where are you from and where on Earth exist Christian Counselors?xD (i don't know if i have them in my country, and my country is, oh so, religous:/) or if English is your main language and stuff, though i guess that's obvious, because you'd have more problems with writing if it wasn't...
anyways, if i remember something after posting this, i'll probably get angry at myself and do nothing else so don't mind my babbling xD oh, i remember! i wanted to recommend you something, be it the Legend of Zelda games or Gravity Falls series, because those are things that i love and would love to see a story from you about those, if you ever wanted, that is:) anyways, great story, thank you for writing!:)
Keep up the good work and excellent job so far!:)
11/12/2015 c16 8the indecisive bird
Oh geez, I hadn't noticed this chapter until now.. Sorry about that..
Anyways, loved this chapter. Loved every chapter. Loved them. Insert a round of applause here.
I like this. Really. And I'm seriously glad you/Riley were able to cope with all that stuff. That stuff's scary. Real scary.
Sorry..I don't know how to review. But, glad that you were able to write this. I'm gonna keep it in my reading list now.
How'd you feel writing this last chapter by the way? Just curious.

That's pretty much it, I guess.
Alright, let me just sum up my reaction to this chapter and story:

10/30/2015 c16 41Fan de Basil de Baker Street
So nice! Fear is in peace now. He know that Riley is fine and that he help her even if he thing he destroy her.
10/30/2015 c16 TheJokerMan
It is finished! Yes! (But there's a great thing about stories; they never truly end.) finally Riley's experience comes to a close. She has no reason to be afraid anymore. Good run! Can't wait on what else's next to come!

;-) -J
10/29/2015 c16 1Area Rule
Well done. Really. I can only imagine how hard this was.
10/29/2015 c16 2Drunken Hamster
Dang tear ducts! Ehh, at least ya'll didn't go completely out of control.

I'm smiling like a cartoon now as well as playing my own little 'happy ending' song in my head :] {{I need to get some instruments and learn to play so I can record it.}}

This was so good, and I really commend your perseverance. You kicked ass, and came out on top.

The night is darkest just before the dawn.

So keep it up, and I can't wait to see more fics from you.

God Speed.

10/29/2015 c16 19chinaluv
Best fanfic I have ever read! So true!
Jeremiah 29:11 is good too :)
10/29/2015 c15 chinaluv
The feelings and truth of this chPter! Words cant describe how true this is! Great job!
10/29/2015 c15 5SarkasticPapoy
...That. That was beautiful, yo. I'm actually glad you saw the turn of repentance as not a sudden change in a situation, as in like it instantly solves everything. (A common misconception of Christian Faith) Instead, using it as a stepping stone to change, to turn to God.

And I also greatly admire how at the same time, you make it appear difficult. It truly is hard to do anything like that as a human being. You also break the mold that people think believers are those who hide behind fantasy and imagination to go through life, when it is actually such a struggle to put our problems into the hands of someone who we can't really see directly, but sense everywhere through what He does.

Lastly, I applaud that you include such themes into a story like this. Yes, the world may be hostile to it, but it is something people need to see. I wouldn't be surprised if one person realized something from your story. Even if it just one person, and you gain a thousand mockers, that would be worth something. Actually, not just something. Everything. You really cast the stone here.
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