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1/18/2016 c7 16Miki Mae
I don't think it's legal to laugh so much during a fanfiction XX"D
1/17/2016 c7 1Kurage3
haha so cute XD
1/17/2016 c7 1Ern Estine 13624
Interesting can't wait for more
1/17/2016 c7 xxxBloodyAnimeLoverxxx
Omfgg yourself story is absolutely perfect! I don't think things are moving fast at all and that last chapter was cute and fluffy and exactly what was needed after seeing Kuroo at the parents home. I think your story is totally on point. You rock!
1/17/2016 c7 2when u can't so u dont
Regrets? Puhleeezz. Ur stories are amazing. But I get where ur coming from. I cringe while reading my own writing too... but your writing is goooood. Like drugs... but healthier... physically... I'll leave now...
1/10/2016 c6 2snowkofi
Okay this is a rare thing I've found tonight, but I'm a little confused on why everyone hates Erika. I mean, I know she gets in the way of the ship, but it's actually pretty sweet that he's dating someone else. because now we get to see how that relationship is and how Kuroo's and Kenma's will change and grow. Erika isn't even that mean, I mean we all know Kuroo's like gay for Kenma, so I'd get a little perturbed if my significant other had an obsession with someone else. idk why I wanted to rant, but this is a really good story fanfic thing, I can barely wait for the next update!
1/6/2016 c6 16Miki Mae
...I was enjoying this very much, but then this last section happened and I think you fried a part of my brain. I'm not even sure what I just read. X'D LOL. Update soon?
1/4/2016 c6 Kuroneko
You HAVE to write some more! Your ff is amazing, I cant wait for the next chapter! Please dont say you'll stop writing, I just found this kuroken gem and you cant stop it! What youve written so far is amazing! It doesnt matter whether you post late chapters but please, post them! Take your time, and write whenever you feel like it, but you have to finish the story! You cant leave this awesome story hanging!
1/2/2016 c6 Flora Spread
finally a new chapter! love this story! one of the best KuroKens out there! thank you and update soon 3
1/1/2016 c6 4Margo.R.S
Kuroo is always talking bout Kenma c': how cuuutee.
Pleasee Kuroo-kun marry Puddin-channn
Now i'm feeling bad for Erika's parents but i'll ship kuroken till the end!
Continue thiis !
*goes to a dark corner and cries because she wants a therapist like this bedhair hottie*
12/31/2015 c6 2when u can't so u dont
I really hate Erika. Like with. Dramatic much? And she's being way too inappropriate in front of her parents and just... Ew... I don't like her... And I'm killing kuroo in my mind for ever deciding to date her. And poor kenma. He has to deal with the whole confiding to my crush bullshit now.
10/31/2015 c5 when u can't so u dont
... ur ruining my life man. Making me hate a girl idek. Whats wrong with you? Lol jk. But seriously i hate erika a lil. I just feel like shes gonna be a bitch.
9/5/2015 c5 1Kurage3
Hehe, I can't wait for the next chapter :D Mushy fluffy awkwardness is the best awkwardness.
9/5/2015 c2 Kurage3
I live for sassy Kenma. Flawless. Sassy Kuroo (pretty much canon Kuroo) is also wonderful.
9/3/2015 c5 4Margo.R.S
Oh, keep writing this precious story PLEASEEE!
Poor Kenma, he has to deal with the bullies and now he has a love rival, Erika (I think that she looks like the gym leader of leaf pokemon)
Update asap!
Kuroo and Kenma sitting on a tree...
I loooooooooveeeeeeee thiiiiiiiiiiis fiiiiiiiiiiiiic soooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuch :33333
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