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for Confrontation II: the Reckoning

4/5 c10 jon reeve
/lol, makes the last one makes sense to me, as Coil would definitely have that as a feature. I think the thing with Vicky was a cop out, though. Had to find some way to keep Panacea outside of the main story, huh?
4/5 c9 jon reeve
/Not a big deal, but in this chapter Sophia said that she and Brian hadn't held hands, but they totally did in an earlier chapter.
3/17 c10 Spellflame
... yep, that’s coil
3/3 c10 Shadow Stalker
I like Vicky and Amy.
3/3 c9 Shadow Stalker
An invisible tank? That is crazy.
3/3 c10 10Junior VB
Good fic.
2/21 c10 9jacee2u
Thank you for yet another great story. I never really thought I'd enjoy a Taylor/Sophia team, but this worked out great. Id like to see a "continuing adventures in confrontation" story in the future if possible.

Tanks again for the pleasure of reading your great story.
2/18 c10 Caver Floyd
I’d think Stalker would be reprimanded for letting the tank crash into the building. And also, there is no way they would let Dinah go home. She’d probably end up being sold to Accord since Coil had ties with him.
2/18 c10 AntarticInferno
Great sequel!
Are you planning another story in this universe?
2/14 c8 Shadow Stalker
Poor Uber and Leet.

I hate Coil.
2/14 c7 Shadow Stalker
I like Browbeat.

Poor Vicky.

Bakuda is back.
2/14 c6 Rick Sanchez
Wubba lubba dub dub.
2/16 c10 6metalfox
Well done as always
2/15 c10 Tork01
just curious, how did Piggot catch on to Grue being snuggly with Shadow? Anyway, a great way to get rid of a wicked witch is to drop a house (or 20 story office building) on them. Brockton Bay is going to be whole lot more quiet now that Coil has been smooshed, and E88 found Coil's over-paranoid computer system. Good story.
2/12 c6 Shadow Stalker
Poor Sophia.
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