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6/3/2020 c3 Anony
Completely agreed with that assessment; Lucas and Maya are more like siblings rather than romantic interests. Him a Riley can actually communicate with each other which is important in a relationship rather than just attraction. Attraction only lasts so long.
6/3/2020 c1 Anony
Glad that you've written a sequel of sorts! Just here and there there grammar and spellings mistakes, but overall well written. EX: "Purpose" is written instead of "Propose". Two different words, two different spellings.
11/1/2016 c8 2Sage1998C
I think u should do idea 1
7/26/2016 c8 1lovemarkle
Love this Chapter ;)
7/26/2016 c4 lovemarkle
Faya rules Like this chapter i like ideas 1 & 3
7/22/2016 c2 Guest
can see wee see pitches jenna hunter
7/22/2016 c8 2ABEDFAN
Sweet, funny, and romantic
7/6/2016 c7 ABEDFAN
I'm Hoping for some Markle (Faya) in S3
7/6/2016 c7 NellieJ2011
Just caught up on all 7 chapters. They are all amazing. Long live FAYA. Didn't read early enough to vote, but story 1 sounds like a good choice. Look forward to reading it someday, soon?
6/14/2016 c6 Guest
Please come back and start writing! We miss you! Faya forever.
5/11/2016 c4 Guest
I want idea one
1/18/2016 c3 Ninja Unicorn
Farkle RAPED his arms around Maya's pregnant belly?! Lol jk
1/7/2016 c4 Mysterywriter24
Or maybe 2...
1/6/2016 c4 7Marilove24
I love all your one shots so perfect:)! I vote for idea number 1&3
1/6/2016 c6 2ABEDFAN
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