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12/16/2018 c1 5ChordOverstreetFan
How about you stop commenting on stories that are clearly about St. Berry if you disagree with that pairing that much? And where are you getting the emotionally and physically abusive stuff from? There's maybe only one incident that might indicate physical and possibly two for emotional - but those incidents for emotional were more manipulative and the one for physical was provoked by peer pressure and her words, but if you looked in his eyes you could see he didn't want to do it.

I don't even hate Finchel. I hate how the writers portrayed Finchel because I had trouble believing it. The things Finn said? You don't say that to the girl you plan on marrying. You don't have anything special in your life and the girl you plan to propose to is sitting right next to you? No me gusta.

Their goals also weren't similar at all. A good relationship needs the people to have similar values and life goals. I get that from Jesse and Puck.
9/23/2017 c1 Guest
Jesse and Rachel for a couple of reasons Jesse love Rachel from the beginning to end in glee seasons reason loves everyone disadvantages Rachel everything in she I do not want to change it opposed to finn
Rachel What was not a false smile and everyone else with glee treat her like horribly and the teacher when she was telling the truth finn sex with santana as if playing with Rachel feelings And then he's still cheating on her from Quinn kiss behaves like a hypocrite for me his behavior does not know what he wants besides that many times he broke his heart Rachel And she lost the sense of your worth and was a little shallow She was not the hard girl what down Jesse He would never betray her to another girl clear of broken her heart in furt But he was forced by the team as they noticed how he changed i mama Rachel she was blackmail him back And if not, he would never betray Rachel with this and the egg as if someone was in on his place Let's do the same with heart ache At least not purposeful it was And what he did finn was not worse in 1 and 2 seson What he betrayed and cheated intimidated offended kurt Is not it hypocrisy of his behavior? and what about Jesse deserved on second chances Rachel and what about prom needlessly he was scared with finn and was kicked out of the finn If he ignored his then
10/3/2016 c1 Guest
Boooo. Not good. If Rachel felt like there was no future with Finn then she needs it end it now. Hopefully this was a one shot.
7/27/2015 c1 14khazrn43
Boo. Jesse is not her future. No me gusta. Why doesn't anyone get Jesse was abusive emotionally and physically to Rachel. He was horrible. It makes me sick

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