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for Pledge Guilty

7/18/2016 c1 ThePersonOfManyCrazes
*claps like a demented seal* This was amazing! I honestly want to know what happened afterwards...:3
Keep it up!
1/13/2016 c1 Penthisilea
This is... guh. Im not sure if I should start crying or start laughing. Either way, I'm gonna run out of breath and die, and it's gonna be all your fault. Thanks a lot.
9/21/2015 c1 6Crushing Chaos
Omgods yeeeeeeeessssss! absolutely love this to death, let's face it only crazy people and Yuno would not like this-just saying-thums up to you my friend. hope you give some more of this yummy poison you call a fanfic! good job and keep your spirits up! *sorry for being random*
9/4/2015 c1 fswgfsdgffsdg
LOL THIS IS HILARIOUS! Lel gg yuuki and akise and I love 9th's thoughts! ITS SO IN CHARACTER ITS LAUGHABLE

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