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9/16/2020 c1 Shiranai Atsune
A roleswap fic! Love it! Looking forward to more!
6/4/2019 c16 Guest
Please continue this story please
12/9/2016 c16 kagome higurashi
please write some more. it's good.
11/26/2016 c16 Bad reputation
5/13/2016 c1 Finchel fan
shit I'm so excited to read this. I've missed them soo much.
1/31/2016 c16 Guest
What's going on with this story? I'm loving it and I hope you keep the chapters coming...
1/27/2016 c9 Cazred11
Oh Kurt why did you mess up the last note and Artie you are amazing.
1/27/2016 c8 Cazred11
Ok where do I start - I tthink that it was wrong for Quinn to ask Finn to go to her house - she should of took Puck and told her family whats going on. Cannot put any more to this review as its very hard for me to think about the difference going on in this chaper. Anyway love this story so far.
1/27/2016 c7 Cazred11
A very good chapter and a brilliant piece of of writing.
1/27/2016 c6 Cazred11
Brilliant chapter and I also like the epiosde when it was on
1/27/2016 c5 Cazred11
Finchel are so perfect together in this chapter
1/27/2016 c4 Cazred11
A very good chapter - Finn being the kicker on the team instead of Kurt makes me laugh as he is too tall to be a kicker, happy for Quinn and Puck, I like the song choice in this chapter and the scene between Kurt and Burt was very sweet.
1/21/2016 c3 Cazred11
I like both of the song choices in this chapter. Looking forward to the next chapter very much.
1/18/2016 c2 Cazred11
Brilliant chapter again - Makes me laugh that Rachel is going out with Kurt (oops I put Finn then - notice my mistake and deleted).
1/12/2016 c16 13A-LionGleek
This was interesting. I'll admit that. Granted, I am saddened that you didn't at least include the canonical universe's Kurt/Finn duet of House is Not a Home. I mean, I'm quite positive that that song wouldn't have been out of place in the storyline of this chapter. But oh well. I respect your final decisions here and still enjoyed this chapter :). I have to admit, it was nice seeing all this Barole and Finn Kurt stuff. And I'm glad that things were more or less settled by the end of the 'episode'. Keep up the good work!
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