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12/26/2015 c15 Kedzie3238
I really hate both St. Jackasses! The both of them are so damn arrogant. Finn is acting like an idiot and needs to get it together too. He just met this girl and is acting like he just can't break up with her. Rachel at least can see Jesse for what he really is. Thanks for the update. Have a Happy New Year!
12/26/2015 c15 playtime2507
Making Jesse and Harmony siblings was brilliant, both are such pretentious little pricks lol! And Finn needs a good smack upside the head, what does he see in Harmony? Nice twist on that episode!
12/26/2015 c15 22WildeAbrams
Jessie is in fine over the top form... hilarious
12/26/2015 c15 noro
Poor Rachel hope her and Finn sort things out not a fan harmony nice work finchel always
12/26/2015 c15 5maxlenas
Amazing chapter! I can't wait to read more! :)
12/26/2015 c15 Grave
Finn is behaving irrationally stupid at this point.
12/26/2015 c15 1Alex B. Goode
I'm so glad New Directions has heart and diversity.
12/26/2015 c15 Katie
Hope you had a good Christmas. Thank you for the update, always love reading your stories and can't wait till you update again
12/22/2015 c14 Guest
Can wait for chap 15 :-)
12/21/2015 c1 Cazred11
This chapter has just made me laugh like crazy - so funny for Rachel being in Mr S office not Finn with the drugs. I think I am going to enjoy this story very much.
12/19/2015 c14 Amypilierfan123
oooh what an update *waits for chap 15*
12/18/2015 c14 Guest
so good
12/16/2015 c14 DeeBM
I dont like St. James! But this story is so great.
12/16/2015 c14 13A-LionGleek
Good chapter! Once again you continue to amaze me with this story. I am definitely happy with the way you were able to incorporate the canonical elements and plot points within this AU. And I also like the spin that was put on the storyline of this episode to. It was also nice seeing Kurt and Blaine's official coming out and announcing as a couple (and am relieved that they at least were able to make it through an entire football season before they were demoted for their sexuality). I also really have to admit that you pulled a fantastic twist here to! I totally would have never seen the 'Harmony as Jesse's sister' thing coming! Keep up the fantastic work! This is getting really good!
12/16/2015 c14 Kedzie3238
I guess Finn is going to have to learn the hard way. Harmony cannot be trusted. Good chapter!
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