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for In the Heart of Hogwarts

7/19/2018 c1 CharlatanHoax
so fabulous
8/6/2017 c1 phoenixtree91
Omg this's amazing. Why'd you stop updating it? Plz plz I want to know what's going to happen
7/28/2015 c1 5TheMockingjay1998
Love the story. Please update soon.
7/28/2015 c1 3Tsukiyo69
A really original plot. Godrid as a witch, I'm usually not very fond of. But your story make it interesting and fun so I'll keep reading. :)
I love to see Black and White bickering. That is just sooo fun ! XD
And them as professional Quiditch players ? That is hilarious. I look forward for the next chapter. :)

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