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6/15/2016 c22 medward
6/15/2016 c21 medward
It looks like a HEA for everyone perhaps.
6/15/2016 c20 medward
I'll take Lucius if Harry doesn't want him!
6/15/2016 c19 medward
Okay, now I feel a little sorry for Sev. Remus will help him though.
6/15/2016 c18 medward
Andromeda didn't attend the wedding?
I'm glad Sev is making friends.
6/15/2016 c17 medward
Remus is straight, right?
6/15/2016 c16 medward
Forgive and move on. Maybe Sev will meet someone at the wedding. Things would be easier if he had a new love interest.
6/14/2016 c15 medward
Too little, too late.
6/14/2016 c14 medward
Sev did a bit better, but I still favor Lucius.
6/14/2016 c13 medward
Uh-oh, now Sev knows. Lucius is definitely more romantic and considerate. I'm rooting for Lucius.
6/14/2016 c12 medward
Sev should not be stealing undesired kisses.
6/14/2016 c11 medward
Sev is gaining ground, but still hasn't apologized. Lucius better ask for more cooking lessons or something quickly.
6/14/2016 c10 medward
Lucius is a Slytherin too.
6/14/2016 c9 medward
Oh no, he's weakening! Severus has not even apologized yet!
6/14/2016 c8 medward
Sev is very assertive, a bit OOC. He is taking the wrong approach with Harry.
Harry is so naive! Lucius can't cook, yet he is buying groceries. Really? Good thing Sev does not know that Lucius is pursuing Harry.
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