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4/29/2017 c14 Face Yourself
Story is great, and I like that it's moving slow, but I think it's a bit /too/ slow - and has a really, really weird amount of focus on food / meals.
4/25/2017 c1 1ISleep
the relationship seems very rushed so far. a random stranger has been with u for the past three days, and u flirt with her instead of worry? then the fact that the girl in ur bed is in PRT, the very organisation that had a member torture/bully u to a horrid state, and the leaders seemingly were about to kill her(at least in her perspective) to protect anything getting out.. and she's fine with the fact the "hero" organisation that's been ruining her life has a member overlooking her for days? then lastly, she calms down after hyperventilating because of Amy, a girl who at this point is pretty much a complete stranger, yet u treat their trust with each other as if their already lovers... I saw alot of potential with this story, especially for a dark Taylor, but it seems u just forced a relationship to make sure Taylor stays a mentally and emotionally weak girl, with (idk the power) what I will assume will be an op power. That's like giving Harley Quinn Superman's powers, before forcing an unlikely relationship with Batman. it's just stupid, though had potential... that's all I have to say for this story since I doubt I'll read more.
4/6/2017 c24 Guest
Wow. Great story . I started reading it and couln't stop till I finished (two days ) . I really like how you put the characters, and the relationship between taylor and amelia (that they are no rushing and no teen drama) , how you write about the planing , traing that they do and the emphasis in learning.

I'm looking forward for more like the marketing, what crazy new idea they hace , how the láser goes por about pied piper. : )
4/3/2017 c24 lionmannine
Damn good story so far. A very nice slow burn until you reach the 'main' story that has built up what is possible for the characters and their relationships well. Can't wait to read more.
3/24/2017 c23 Edgar3t
So I'm reading the NEXUS/Linkages part and it occurs to me that Amy and Taylor are on their way to becoming pseudo Entities... And then coz my mind is always trying to find the most interesting plot twist I start wondering if in a couple of hundred/thousand/million years Taylor will be known as the Warrior(Zion) and Amy as the Thinker (Eden)
3/23/2017 c24 Soupercan
There's not a lot of comedy in this fic. It's there in parts, but it doesn't make up the whole fic, which is probably because this isn't supposed to be a comedy story.

But that's alright! I can just read some of the complaints in the reviews!

Yeah, the story has problems in a couple of key areas, but basically all of them do simply from changing things. I'm glad you're focusing on the story YOU want to tell, instead of not writing at all, since I've enjoyed this a lot.

Thank you!
3/18/2017 c8 8FractiousDay
So I've read up to here but it's written so formally and the characters are way off with it explanation so I'm dropping it
3/18/2017 c17 sagara black
prototype 1 and 2, extremis from iron man armored adventures, and assassins creed all games, plus infamous 1 and 2, watch dogs 1 and 2 even spiderman. all the elements are there and looks like all possible and just a thought what if Taylor had a third trigger and Amy had a second? I mean Amy could get it from thinking she lost Taylor in some horrific way just an idea she did say powers evolve, change and limits change or remove themselves , and about before I just see Taylor pulling of a good assassin she is a front line fighter now but her stealth and scouting abilities are there and she can program give her a advance phone that can hack tech and she would be able to handle anything, when brute force and shock fails stealth and surprise always succeeds. please give me a shout out on the new chapter I really want to know what you think this is a great story and with elements like those it can only get a lot better! I really just want to help not get in the way.
3/17/2017 c24 Sebine
Please keep writing, this story is fucking awesome
3/13/2017 c4 10The Nachoman
I know it's an old joke, but I have to say itArmsmaster's manners are so atrocious that he can make people trigger!
3/7/2017 c9 18Luna's Meow
Also it is doubtful that Vicky's power is making her love her. At least alone. Vicky's power des make people feel things, but the strength depends on her. She isn't walking around at full strength all the time, and love is strong. Vicky's power would make a crush, or make a preexisting crush turn higher sure, but create love from nothing? Accidentally? Not believable. You are still FORCING the relationship between Skitter and Panacea instead of letting it develop naturally with time. Feels very rough.
3/7/2017 c8 Luna's Meow
Thing is, even with feelings for Vicky, she isn't a pervert. She has known that she was adopted the whole time. It isn't like she only just found out and had feelings een when she thought they were related. Panacea needs to come to terms with herself.
3/7/2017 c7 Luna's Meow
Hmm. Sounds like you got a lot of criticism about them being out of character (they were, HORRIBLY) and then made up this "our powers compliment each other" nonsense to explain it away. Doesn't work. Complimentary powers wouldn't affect the mind. Thinker powers of some sort, maybe slightly precog for Taylor would. Master would. Complimentary? Would just make them good together in a fight. You're forcing the pairing instead of letting it develop and that never turns out well. Worse, you have no story yet. The pairing can't be the story unless you are writing a romance book, which the WORM setting is not. The pairing has to be a sub-plot within the actual plot. Going to see if this gets better, but not expecting much.
3/5/2017 c24 veritas31
I just realised that theoretically you have now made Amy and Taylor immortal as They have such fine control over their bodies that they can reverse all the effects of aging on the Dna and cells in their bodies.
3/4/2017 c13 sagara black
Taylor is like the combined version of extremis from iron man and blacklight from prototype thanks to amy only a matter of time before a great many things happen it just is an idea that changes everything ... GREAT STORY
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