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2/5/2017 c7 3The Richmaster
The mental recovery and after-effects are interesting but I'm finding the sudden changes a bit surprising, given the way that Taylor was willing to continue with her scars, it feels like it would have been more fitting for some damage to remain, though you probably have a way to make them work well
2/5/2017 c6 The Richmaster
This was a really good chapter; the explanations and emotions here were shown incredibly well, thou having Amy offer 'upgrades' so soon seems a little off.
Also good job on the medical side of things, it felt realistic
2/5/2017 c5 The Richmaster
So she seems to be handling the situation better (though that's not hard) and Panacea's conversation will be good
2/5/2017 c4 The Richmaster
This seems like a good interpretation of Miss Militia so far; to me she always seemed somehow simpler yet more complex than others
2/5/2017 c3 The Richmaster
The heroes definitely could have handled that better but given the circumstances their actions are somewhat understandable, though far from forgivable.
definitely caught the panic well too
2/5/2017 c2 The Richmaster
The emorions were shown well as well as the adjustment to the new circumstances
2/5/2017 c1 The Richmaster
This was an interesting start; the premise is interesting and characters were done well
2/4/2017 c23 Shadowkragg
Really interesting story, while some of it is a bit out there i think you've managed to make a good go of it. Some parts of it seem to waffle a bit especially with the day to day life parts but overall, it's a good story so far. It may not be strictly canon on characters but as you've stated; it's AU and some people will be OOC since it's not as grimdark as canon.
Can't wait to read more especially now that Taylor has the whole city in range pretty much. I'd be interested in how that will work with Coil etc. and the kidnapping of Dinah. The whole master/stranger thing for Emma at Winslow is quite an interesting take that could be a good plot point.
Keep up the good work!
1/29/2017 c23 amimai002
Interesting growth story you wrote here.
1/23/2017 c12 Guest
I realize most people screw up in the opposite direction, but you put in too much detail. These last few chapters almost put me to sleep because of the level of daily minutiae you catalog. Something in between this and the typical beginner fic would be a lot better. Hopefully that happens in future chapters.
1/21/2017 c6 Guest
God, I hope you stop using all the bolding, italicizing, and all caps. It's really annoying to read.
1/17/2017 c23 Overlord
This story's been great so far. Thanks for writing. I'm looking forward to more.
1/12/2017 c23 egwolf65
Great story!

Love it!

have you ever thought about them grow plants with super concentrated nutrition to deal with them needing more food?

Like blueberrys so they can snack on the go but get the nutrition they need.
1/11/2017 c23 1SkyCaptain502
I just powered through this story over two days and I am loving it! The focus is on the growing relationship between these two lovebirds and their modifications. Fighting is minimized and serves only to highlight how much these two have grown as heroes and as people. Keep up the good work.
1/3/2017 c23 Vipermagi
Just one Chekov's Gun note, you had Legion promise to help Bitch with dog fighting rings, but have not mentioned anything about it happening yet. Don't know if it was an oversight or something you intend to address later.

Definitely enjoying this so far, and while it hasn't been updated in a couple months, gonna smack that follow button anyway and hope.
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