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10/2/2016 c23 19OrionTheHunter
Very good. Not a lot of action here for a while, but you are doing an amazing job of building both Taylor and Amy's relationship and abilities.

Thank you for writing and sharing it with us.
10/2/2016 c6 3TheHybrid02
You know the thing that made Worm great was its complexity, foreshadowing, world building, deep characterization, amazing pacing, and its ability to create meaningful relationships between characters. Put simply this was boring to read. PS. Nothing that happens in your story seems 'realistic' with in the setting of the story.
10/2/2016 c23 Bluesnowman
very good work
10/2/2016 c23 11Stoic Last Stand
Another delicious chapter, thank you.

One nit picky psych nerd comment, Broca's area is used in expressive language. Wernicke's area is used for receptive language. As such the mod would likely have to make changes to both areas for give and take communication. I know, I know, the actual plausibility of mental communication is debatable in the first place. Just, the more you know... I guess.
10/2/2016 c23 goddragonking
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:)
10/2/2016 c22 Kshail
So I think I criticized you at one point about slice-of-life stuff. I'm just gonna say I retract that sentiment...I think you've done a nice job at balancing normal-life with cape-life.
10/2/2016 c23 TimingBadly
Excellent chapter, as usual.

The 4 to 5 ratio on the bugs biology left me unconvinced though. Not without drawback anyway (energy consumption? Bug are known for eating an enormous amount relatively to their weight)

Yet another Coil base (expected at least) bait&switch, are you trying to create a meme out of it?

I suspect part of the chapter was to set the field for unmasking Brian. Wonder where this is going on the Aisha front honestly. Honestly, given Taylor's sense of smell, it's weird that she didn't catch on in the Boat, but I suppose she left her Cape persona at home.

Also, I've been wondering, was Bakuda's rampage stopped before Oni Lee could get Lung out? That would be an heavy divergence right there.

Also, I noticed the 'Lavere' name on the estates list. At last a worthy Hideout to be discovered :)
10/2/2016 c23 4Greatazuredragon
Awesome chapter, both in regards to power and plot development.
The fact their link makes them stronger, but if broken makes them nearly unresponsive is an interesting twist. And the foreshadowing to the Undersiders through the growing interaction with Aisha was a nice touch.
Great work, keep it up.
10/2/2016 c23 6Draco Oblivion
Wow, I don't know why but it is weirdly cathartic to read a happy Taylor and watch her power grow...
Noooo, everyone always seems to do this. They try and make excuses for Emma and just lay the blame at Sophia's feet, they're both messed up but the one who has Taylor in her sights is Emma. I'm pretty sure WOG said the same about how Sophia would quickly lose interest in Taylor if Emma didn't push for them to continue. She's the one with the confused feelings that make her obsess over her one time best friend and lash out at her and she's the one that does the most damage to Taylor by far. So frustrating to see people try and make it all about Sophia since the only reason she's always so relevant is that she's also involved in the cape world but if Taylor has a nemesis in the trio it's Emma.
Hehe I'm liking the idea of a Taylor Aisha friendship, especially because she's blunt and insightful enough to actually call Amy and Taylor out on how unhealthy their relationship is and that would be awesome to read. Yay drama!
Fucking Tinkers...
I am enjoying the story and fair enough if you don't want to answer or haven't thought about it yet but do you have a plan for the story? You said in your profile that you're interested in improving as a writer and if that's the case I would definitely suggest taking a bit of time to think about where you want to take this. You might just decide that you're enjoying writing the story and that's enough but if you want advice I'd say that it needs some form of conflict, a struggle that can be overcome. Drama and conflict are generally what stories are centred around and without them there can't be resolution which leads to stories that eventually just flicker and burn out. I don't know if this is planned but the way the relationship between Taylor and Amy is developing into an unhealthy form of co-dependence would be an awesome source of drama or even having Taylor start to fight gangs or maybe help Lisa take down Coil. Once again I am enjoying the story and I look forward to the next update but I just look back and question how much has actually happened. Even the whole conflict with Winslow was resolved in the background and given about as much attention as what Taylor cooks for her dad.
10/2/2016 c20 Kshail
I think the testimony bit is a nice touch. It even makes sense to a degree...if they have no proof then people would get away easy.
10/2/2016 c23 1Bobboky
Very nice
10/2/2016 c23 naschy71
Loved it like always! One pet peeve however would be that I think you might be overusing the word 'giggle'. There are plenty of synonyms out there to use that I think convey feeling and interactions better. However, it is one of my least favourite words; so I might be being overly pedantic about it. Great chapter!
10/2/2016 c23 1Pietersielie
Massive chapter, lots of fun. The last section feels kinda drab, just detailing everyday actions that aren't that interesting. That said, it ratchets up the angst, why are they still untouched? Also kinda threatening to go all Taylia, which, as many denizens of Avalon can attest, is a bad thing. Usually for their enemies, that is. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the next chapter!
10/2/2016 c1 Bellastalker
love the story, nice to see you back
10/2/2016 c23 Grovtech
So the prep work continues. I will say they are very cute together. No doubt trouble will come because of that, but right now it's good. Sooner or later they will have to push themselves since as we known the shards promote conflict.

I think its good how their Nexus has allowed them to see the Shards actions causing the headaches and other influences. Being able to backstop each other is invaluable.

So very good!
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