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8/11/2015 c8 2hidingbehindafakename

8/11/2015 c8 Juyng
Random fact: Jack Slash looks like Johny Depp twin
8/11/2015 c8 4Zaralann
8/10/2015 c7 Bluesnowman
I am very interested in this.
8/9/2015 c7 4Greatazuredragon
Good story so far, keep it up.
8/9/2015 c6 Greatazuredragon
Very good chapter. Kinda of fast development between Taylor and Amy but the super healing coma probably had some effect.
8/9/2015 c7 1Bobboky
Very good job.
8/8/2015 c7 4Zoanzon
Yay, update!

Looks good still so far, will be glad to see where it goes.
8/8/2015 c7 10HellKing666
So, a direct link that is empathetic and can control others... I think.

Well, still, that Legion title is pretty ominous, I see the future being filled with a lot of great things, a LOT of great things. Including shipping~

I don't see the link between Biokinesis and Master Control however, I think it's all Taylor on her part. Yet again, that hasn't seemed to happen to others.
Eh, whatever, the future is bright, the future is big, and the future is completely unexpected, I like what is going to happen.
8/8/2015 c7 4Zaralann
8/7/2015 c6 4Zoanzon
And THIS is one of the reasons why Panacea is so dangerous: she can make an army of supersoldiers, and if she knew what she was doing and wanted to, she could probably mess with people's brains to make them loyal to her.

Oh, and she can get her power to work on her if you choose...well, though a proxy that is. Two words: Venom Symbiote.

She could easily craft a genetic being from cells up, make it shapeshifting and fluid, and then go from there if she so close, or you decide to implement that.

Hmm...now THAT'S an idea...

Will be waiting impatiently for new chapters!

Oh, quick question: can (and will/did) Panacea fix Taylor's scars, eye, and muscle degradation, and is it in the cards if she hasn't yet?
8/7/2015 c6 10HellKing666
And the camera's caught EVERYTHIN-

Okay, kidding, still that would make some amount of sense.

Anyway, shipping, mutating virus trying to kill Taylor from the inside out, and lots of other things.

Man, what the heck happened?
8/6/2015 c6 SilentStriker99
I was following intently... Until you brought in Amy. You were way off the mark with her power and how it works. Also... I find it hard to believe anyone would seriously criticize her healing practices as she implies might happen of people saw her holding Taylor. Really just shattered my suspension of disbelief. Everything was reasonable up until then.
8/6/2015 c6 DataGambl94
Lesbian overtones? I... I like lesbian overtones, but this is... forced. If Taylor's power is affecting May somehow its acceptable and could lead to good plot, but please don't make this mindless smut. It's too good to become, 'Hi, nice to meet you my nam is-WOOOOOOOOPS, WE NOW APPEAR TO BE IN EACH OTHERS PANTIES.'
That's for oneshots and word porn, not well written stories. Not, y'know, sayin smut is bad, but ease into it.
Also I love this story, Favorites List Ho!
8/5/2015 c6 Edale
Well... That happened... What?

Are Taylor's powers affecting Amy?

Did any of the infections touch Taylor's brains, and if so... Dad Panacea heal those too? (may have happened while Panacea was asleep, she said she set her power to treat Taylor like herself during that period...)

Also, hadn't quite considered it like that, but when you come right down to it... Armsmaster , the LEADER of the BB Protectorate really did literally scare a sick and injured minor to death...While a subordinate (Miss Militia) repeatedly tried to get him to stop.

He may go down almost as hard as Sophia will...
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