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1/3/2019 c1 Caincrux
So, is she a parahuman?
12/28/2018 c10 1SirRealism
I don't think describing what Taylor is eating in every scene is necessary or helpful.
Taking those sections out would streamline the story a lot without losing anything meaningful.
12/11/2018 c24 8Antaraxes
I like this story. Hope you update one day.
12/7/2018 c1 Soupercan
Had an absolute hell of a day at work dealing with idiots who decided to get themselves arrested by picking a fight with me. I'm scratched, bruised, generally sore, and need a pick-me-up.

Looks like it's time to read Legion again!

Wherever and however you are, author, thank you for your efforts. And thank you for, once again, bringing a smile to my face with your expertly applied WAFF.
11/25/2018 c24 5ShugoYuuki123
Hope you can update when you can :)
11/6/2018 c24 TBearTech
Great story... lots of different new ideas.
Side comment... please got back to bold texting the 'Legion **character name** Legion" breaks... it was easier to POV switches.
Thank you
10/14/2018 c24 11Shianelle
I love this story. The bio-modifications are incredibly interesting and I love seeing things from different perspectives.
10/4/2018 c1 TheReader2011
Hey! Everyone who's writing flame posts on here. I've read this on AO3 and have read there how they've been sick and in the hospital before this. On there they haven't responded to posts since January and there are those of us who are worried about them. Not everything is about you, but you don't think about that do you? I love this story too and will be sad if it never continues, but I at least have enough respect for the author to wonder if they're okay. NeverTooOld, if you're reading this I hope you're okay and don't let these jerks get you down!
9/13/2018 c24 ggf1
thanks for the story. I'm sad it's probably not going to be done
and that others though bitching was a good idea. I knew it was not done and still enjoyed what was there.
9/8/2018 c24 12KoalaKiller
Its a crying shame you gave up writing, so few Worm authors going around today and enjoyed what you did post before whatever real life stuff pulled you away. Anyways, if you ever do startup again I'll be sure to read this story again
8/22/2018 c3 BabyRage
What is this shit
8/16/2018 c24 16twilliams1797
ok dude. It's been a year plus. Either finish it or let us know you have abandoned it.
there are so many questions and recipes to be had here..
outcome of the Winslow arrests.
when will we see Pied Piper?
what is the outcome of Madison and Emma Those Bitches?
will tattletale let the world know who Legion is? will 'Little Storm"?
will Taylor and Amy burn out from going too far too fast?
what body mod will they have to pull back from?
What's in the Mine?
what will Danny do when he finds out.?

and several thousand other scenes of daily plodding through life.
No I am not crriticising your writing style or method, I DID read all the way to the end here, and I DO want more.
8/7/2018 c24 6Archer1eye
Soooo just read all of this. Is this fic dead and gone or just massive writer’s block? I do greatly enjoy it, even considering you cover everything and I mean everything. Kudos for that by the way, that takes a great deal more patience than I can muster. Anyhow, I’d love to see more but knowing it’s genuinely gone would also be nice cause I will wait indefinitely.
7/20/2018 c24 Lovely
Dear Author,

I really enjoyed this story. I had my doubts at first but I just gave in to your new characterizations and found it to be a heartwarming story. I'm not sure why you stopped writing this tale, so I will only say that it was a lovely experience and if you ever were to pick it back up at some point then you will find at least one reader returning. Best wishes to you.

7/9/2018 c3 BlazeStryker
I am very glad that they weren't being Nazi jackbooted thugs.

Such a shame I doubt Taylor will believe it...
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