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4/15/2018 c7 thisistotallyaname
"All changes are for my entertainment."

If this *entertains* you, then you are a sick, twisted person.

No offense or anything.
4/12/2018 c24 Guest
Over a year. Still a fun story to read, but it feels like the story has been abandoned. Hopefully abandoned instead of the alternative...

Good luck, author. Wherever you are.
4/9/2018 c24 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
3/24/2018 c24 Soul D Phoenix
Great story, hope you start updating again soon!
2/26/2018 c20 Anderaith
2/21/2018 c24 Navn Ukjent
Nice fic so far.

I do hope to see more soon.
2/12/2018 c24 Guest
Fantastic job, update soon please!

PS: I love your work

2/12/2018 c10 Guest
Jesus this gets really sappy at times...I need more!
2/5/2018 c22 Valdimarian
So I've been reading through the story, and it's absolutely fantastic, but one thing jumped out at me this chapter.

Taylor had to go get new jeans and tee-shirts, but did she ever get a new bathing suit? If she'd tried to change into it I suspect she'd have been quite embarrassed with how little it covered.
1/27/2018 c24 1Crownworthy
I will freely admit that this story is a guilty pleasure of mine, and that I enjoyed reading it somewhat. However, there are several problems that need to be addressed before I would consider calling it good.

Apart from the ridiculous overpowering of Taylor and Amy, my biggest problem with this story is the character development. As other reviewers have pointed out, this especially goes for the hospital scene in chapter six. Even though you handwaved it away with some fanon about compatible powers, their interaction felt really rushed, as did their openness with each other.

The dialogue in this story is often rather stiff. People don’t usually explain why they are doing what they are doing by saying stuff like “As you were there for me before, so I shall be here for you now.” And just putting it after the dialogue instead doesn’t make it any better. “I’m here for you.”, I said, trying to explain that I was there for her. That sounds a bit redundant.

Despite these problems, I still enjoyed reading your story on a fundamental level, and hope you haven’t abandoned it.
1/24/2018 c17 Crownworthy
You realize that Othala is affiliated with Empire 88, right? I doubt their collaboration would have gone this smoothly.
1/22/2018 c24 dan
great story!
1/17/2018 c24 FreeAllFrogs
Every now and then I need to reread this fine story. Thanks for your time and effort.
1/9/2018 c10 3one.who.reads
I like your premise and plot enough that I got through chapters one through ten, but I'm going to have to stop reading this story. I think you are having the characters internal monologues be far too detailed and its like things always immediately click into place with no confusion or missed guesses. Also, no-one in my experience promptly exposits their insights like this.

I feel like your characters oversharing is bogging down your plot progression.
12/18/2017 c24 36Jonn Wolfe
This is an awesome piece of fanfuc! Love it, and love the Taylor/Amy dynamic. Hoping this picks back up.
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