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for After All These Long Years

4/1/2016 c3 27River Eagle
This gave me the chills! Thanks for writing such a powerful piece of work!
9/25/2015 c3 31Overlord Rousdower
Well, they went to the Havens... I suppose that's a version of heaven? But not really, it's where all the Valar reside. I believe that elves who die are sent there once they reach the Halls of Mandos... It's quite fascinating really...

I liked this! It was angsty, but had a nice ending!

Rousdower out_
8/13/2015 c3 Sherman1865
This is amazing. I just finished watching The Battle of the Five Armies again and was feeling a bit glum. Reading this lifted my spirits.
8/5/2015 c1 Overlord Rousdower
I find that you have indeed done this justice.. *sniff* Oh so very angsty... THA FEELZ. You have explored the emotions well my friend *wibble*

Rousdower out_ (sorry for short review, am braindead at moment)

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