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1/10/2019 c2 1azata2000
please, please write more
5/7/2018 c2 celesse201
Need more
12/12/2017 c2 3Southie
omg love this...please! update!
6/8/2017 c2 SH4D0W44
Damn Hot wow!
Stupid Sam just in the good part
5/21/2017 c2 ulquiorra31
Amazing chapter, I want to know what happens next.
5/21/2017 c2 Southie
amazing! please continue
5/20/2017 c2 caligurl18
like the story can't wait to read the next chapter post soon.
12/2/2016 c1 3DesireeStorm
Please oh please continue this tic, i will love you platonicly forever and ever, i so want to see Bella bounce Fuckward off some walls and get with Rose.
11/8/2016 c1 2Grovz2014
I really think you should continue, it's very good!
5/13/2016 c1 rrazzall
n 0
3/29/2016 c1 LaraCroft
You should continue this story its amazing
2/20/2016 c1 Baccan
Would love to read more of this :)
12/31/2015 c1 sanekittens
Awesome. Continue on.
12/15/2015 c1 Lupe0
Very good start, would love to see more of this
11/26/2015 c1 5supergirl superman
really good can't wait for more
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