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for Kakarot- The God of Destruction

5/1 c17 mohamadoulo23
U ruined it dumbass
3/3 c6 Guest
Yeah shit story hope you don’t continue writing this garbage
3/3 c5 Guest
Fuck this story ever since he left the universe lol been skipping everything since... became shit
1/29 c2 LucdRetical
This is so dope. I love your writing/typing. Keep it up
9/23/2020 c7 RueX12
This novel is so stupid and good at the same time maybe it's more stupid than good
8/2/2020 c1 Guest
Man U must really hate my boy Superman
6/11/2020 c19 Guest
In my honest opinion I feel this story could do so much better without all of the cliches in it
4/16/2020 c5 Guest
So vegeta is a chic in this fanfic
4/12/2020 c19 Hello
4/12/2020 c19 Fireguy
When are you releasing the next chapter
3/29/2020 c19 Guest
Yeah I wonder why is Dark Prince so Ignorant of the Dragon Ball Lore.. it's clear he is feigning ignorance. He is Probably Trolling
3/29/2020 c19 Guest
Those are not just Names You Dumbass Hell has Size Comparable to The Living universe.. The Same Applies To Heaven as Well.

The kaioshin Realm Realm by itself is 1/10 of Macroverse.

You Do not Seem Smart To Know That That The Mortal Only Live In Living Universe. IMAO!
3/9/2020 c14 darkprince9080
Uh huh and you DO know it’s just names right?! You can’t have multiple universes in one universe like seriously that would probably be considered a multi-universe NOT. A single universe. Listen look up physics or research more and probably that small brain of yours will get bigger.
2/28/2020 c19 Kron
So will kakarot eventually Hakai Batman cause that's the only way to make sure he's not a nuisance anymore.
2/12/2020 c19 Guest
You Really stupid if you're asking that question.. You Could Easy to look up the guidebooks about the universe of Dragonball..The Universe That People are familar is The Living Universe where Mortal Live within Lol. There is Heaven, Hell, The Kaioshin Realm, The Demon Realm.. again This should be common knowledge. You should not be asking such a stupid question if you can easily look it up yourself?. If you have enough time to act like a dick then You have Enough Time To Do Your Research and Look it Up.
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