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10/3/2020 c37 Anonymous
I've read this story multiple times. I love it so much. I'm wondering if you could write a short story about how Serena and Percival get together. Or Olly and Lee cuteness. I can very much see Lee being jealous when others try to take Olly out or just take up Olly's time.
9/11/2020 c37 2musme
I love it very much
3/28/2020 c37 Anonymous
Love the happy ending. Can we get a mini epilogue2 with how Percival convinced Serena to gout with him (or first date). Maybe a mini epilogue with Harry and Eggsy's wedding (after all, Harry did have a year to plan).
3/28/2020 c37 hotflower901
I have enjoyed this story so very much!
3/27/2020 c37 ORKCHILD
love this story, and looking forward to your next story and where you will take Harry and Eggsy.
11/9/2019 c7 1marthapreston4
you should write HUlk/bruce banner stories you have the two mind thing down to a science
3/6/2019 c34 kunf'you'z-ed
My poor babies are suffering so much from worry over the future! I just hope that they realise that with all their family and friends, nothing will even come close to touching Lee, and that no one would try and stop them from doing what they want.

If anyone did object to them taking Lee into meetings, I feel sorry for that person because Harry and Colin at the LEAST would tear that person apart for even suggesting it. I just am excited for their little family and I don’t want anything to get in the way of their happiness. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for next and how all the messages go. Thanx so much, bye!
3/6/2019 c33 kunf'you'z-ed
I love the reaction of everyone to just eliminate the people who jeopardise their chances of surviving and I completely agree with it. I love the Keeper too and how she is harsh enough to keep everyone in the hallucinations until they decide not to attack Lee and Harry and Eggsy. I just can’t wait to see how it all goes and how much their actions limit King and his movements. Thanx so much, bye!
2/14/2019 c9 whatsnaptime
I hope you update soon.
5/17/2018 c32 kunf'you'z-ed
I love seeing the happy future that Harry and Eggsy could have with their kids if everything turns out okay and the other Guilds aren’t stupid and pull something, which after seeing the bad end result, they shouldn’t. And I adore seeing Harry’s family and Merlin’s growing up together and Ollie and Lee getting together. And Daisy is just so headstrong I bet Eggsy and Harry will have a lot of trouble with her. I can’t wait to see what happens next and how the guilds all act after being released from this vision. Thanx so much, bye!
5/11/2018 c32 JBAngel28
Love it! Diana reminds me of myself when I was younger. Lol
4/28/2018 c31 Guest
You can't leave it there! More pls
4/27/2018 c31 30HubrisP
Excellent work, keep up the good work!
4/20/2018 c30 Naruhi
Tanks forma this chaptear,is enought for now and i'm sorry about you sick .i waiting for more soon
4/20/2018 c30 HubrisP
Excellent work! I was wondering if their kid will get a partner of their own, I had a original character in mind already. Hehe, keep up the excellent work!
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