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6/24/2017 c28 1Arthur Moon
yes you're back
3/30/2016 c28 189Lady Shadow92
This is getting confusing but I still want to know what is going on update soon
3/30/2016 c28 4Gamelover41592
this was a good chapter
3/12/2016 c27 KJG
3.8 thousand more fanfics, but none of them are rewind, I will wait as long as it takes
3/12/2016 c25 17F-ckthesystem125
A lot of holes in this fic. I keep getting lost.
3/12/2016 c6 F-ckthesystem125
Is Centapeetle a boy? That can't be right.
3/5/2016 c26 Guest
me gustó mucho txtu fic *0*
3/2/2016 c1 SureFireCoin-TAG
Just want to say that I loved this chapter and I can't wait to read the rest!
2/15/2016 c26 Guest
KaPPa Smoky quartz should be nicknamed Smoky the Bear KaPPa
2/13/2016 c26 189Lady Shadow92
This one seems a little confusing but good introduction to your oc character update soon
2/13/2016 c26 4Gamelover41592
that was good
2/4/2016 c11 carbonaceousAnomura
2/3/2016 c25 TheBlueExorcist1308
We read because we find something intrueging about it. Sorry if i have grammar mistakes.
2/3/2016 c25 Gamelover41592
while good this was really short
2/3/2016 c25 189Lady Shadow92
Pretty interesting chapter hope the fusion was a success update soon
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