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6/12 c2 Jatok
Oh so good! There were a couple parts id wish youd done some more showing than telling, like up on the crane, but i really enjoyed reading it
5/14 c77 6KaKashi's Okami
I stayed up a whole 24hrs to re-read this, just to make sure my enjoyment of the new chapter was soild
4/20 c51 cl9763
Dont think fugaku realized, but itachi is a pacifist at heart. Sasuke is more like him, with a bit more cruel and aggressive personality that's more suitable to be the head of a clan. I think itachi will make an ideal hokage, though he probably wouldn't enjoy this position
4/12 c77 6JasmineDragon22
So happy when i saw this update that i went back and read the whole fic again. Totally inderstand moving away from fandom into original butninhoow when the mood strikes this fic continues until its finished. Its defintiely one of the best out there
4/12 c9 cl9763
One thing I never get from canon is why open toed sandals? Too many disadvantage to count
4/12 c77 sandrapark276
I am thankful that you continue to update chapters on this story despite no longer feeling the vibes on the fandom. Nonetheless, I do hope this story reach its intended ending. As a long term fan and avid yet silent reader, I await with excitememt for the updates.
4/10 c77 10Avivya
You write, and I become an empath. How is it I could sympathize with every character? Your writing and understanding of them is just that good.
I'm always excited to see you've updated. Thank you for going out of your way to continue providing this goodness :)
Also, is there anywhere we could access/buy your original works? For support in all ways? ️
4/4 c77 Guest
Ive really loved most of this story. But I've got a real problem with how Sakura is supposed to restore the Uchiha clans reputation when she is so against having biological children. How can it be the Uchiha clan when the bloodline dies out?! Are they going to rely on Sasuke to breed? Sounds like a terrible idea to me. She knows how to stabilize the eyes she constantly derides (funny how the sharingan wielders keep being the ones sent to handle all the big bads but otherwise get looked down upon) and as head of the clan could guide the culture of the clan to mitigate the traits that cause issues. She's not leading the clan to greatness, she's ending it.

It would be one thing if she just wanted to wait until her new roles were more settled and she'd advanced her career more as after all she is still very young. But never? Clans don't work like that. They are bloodlines. Also, it's not feminine empowerment to eschew all "traditional" female roles and abilities. If you have to give up these things just to make you "as capable as a man" you are instead promoting that women aren't.
3/31 c77 16Chmia
It was wonderful to read this again, thank you.
3/30 c77 21jlluh
Ways happy to see you continue this story. I'd also be happy to read your original fiction if it's published anywhere.
3/22 c77 ThatPageantGirl
Most people seem to be moving on with their lives quite nicely. Given everything they all went through, it's really good to see.
3/21 c77 LieweHeksie
3/21 c77 Guest
I just reread your story less than a week ago and then he put out a new chapter you’re my favorite person
3/21 c77 8Evanna Fiedler
Wonderful to have a new chapter!

I wanted to ask (Sorry if this has been answered already) if your original fiction works can be purchased/ read somewhere? I'd love to read your style outside of FF!
3/21 c77 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
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