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6/26 c4 ThatPageantGirl
I've never thought much about the composition of the ninja teams, but that makes so much sense.
6/26 c3 ThatPageantGirl
At least Kakashi is looking out for Sakura after her hellacious day.
6/25 c2 ThatPageantGirl
I suppose Sakura was given those knives as trophies of sorts. I wonder if she'll ever be able to bring herself to use them.
6/25 c1 ThatPageantGirl
Well damnit all if Sakura didn't just create her own Amaterasu!
6/18 c52 Angeline Chrisis
I understand the message
6/4 c63 3fascalia
I just want to say how important this work has been for me, as I have been following it since 2013. I have literally been binge reading it all over again since yesterday. The way you write, the words you use, everything flows incredibly well and sometimes I just stop to marvel at a sentence. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Also this is kinda embarrassing as it is something I have only realised as of late, but all of my Sakura-centric fanfics I wrote years ago are literally fanfiction of your fanfiction. Meta fanfics lol. It just goes to show how unconscious my love of your storytelling went to affect everything I wrote after.)
6/3 c37 fascalia
I never ever want this to end
5/21 c73 1bipocni
On my second read through and the perspective is interesting. Namely, how quickly Sakura's seal went from non-functional to something that could let her have casual conversations with gods and turn into a fucking dragon, only to be taken away again just as abruptly.

It feels a little like dangling it threads unlikely to get resolved. What happens to her ghost tribe now? Will she still be drafted to fight in the afterlife? But as much as I'd like these questions resolved, I have to admit I'd much rather just see slice of life snapshots of these characters adapting to a post-war life with Sakura as the chief of police and Itachi as the faithful househusband. The outright shonen style battles, while engaging, were definitely a different flavour of story than what this started out as. And honestly, as much as I enjoyed the gritty realism of the portrait you painted on my first readthrough, I found myself far more engaged by the relationships on my second read through.

Here's hoping there'll be more soon, because romances like this are a rare treat.
5/5 c73 Renee Dance
Awe! I love where this is leading, as it's part I so surely, one day, there will be more chapters. Either way, I really enjoyed this story so far, keep up the good work and update when you have the energy, inspiration, and motivation. Thank you for writing and sharing it with us.
5/5 c69 Renee Dance
I was squealing so much at the end of this chapter. I believe that was a marriage proposal?! And Itachi wanting to start a household and be a caregiver, adopting orphans, that warms my heart so much and definitely suits him. I love this chapter. I can't wait to see how the last few chapters play out.
4/25 c2 1fairiesfields
i love this so much. you captured her feelings as well as the canon-sakura's attitude really well author. i can't wait to read the rest of the published chapters!
4/24 c27 shadowfax00
Gozen sounds like a bitter hag. Kushina was forced to be a jinchuuriki. The village forced her. Why should she and Minato forgo a base instinctual desire of any organism? That of reproduction. We don't even know if Naruto was planned or not. That line pissed me off. As for the Uchiha, genocide was Danzo's answer. He was a power hungry creep who sought to remove Uchiha in a bid to grab their power for himself (in his creepy arm, helped by orochimaru's experiments). The Uchiha were sidelined and made to live in ghettos. To thank Itachi for carrying out genocide, wow. He was forced to by lazy counsellors who couldnt agree to even negotiate with Uchiha leaders directly because of their egos. Sad.
4/17 c73 1Yui's Sweet Dream
Sasuke really has an emotional maturity of a child and I feel bad for Itachi and Sakura, always having to pick up the messes he makes :(
I’m a little confused by the this chapter though, Obito was suppressed by Kakashi but then what happened? Was he brought back to Konoha or did he die under Sasuke’s sword?
And if I didn’t misunderstand, Hiashi wants Neji to marry Sakura? Or bring Sakura into the Hyūga clan by marriage? Because she undid his seal?
A part of me is kind of excited to see how obsessive Itachi would become for Sakura tbh because she’s amazing :3
I had half expected Tsunade to ask if Sakura wanted to be Hokage one day lol, also I love the way you write Tsunade! She’s close but not so close, exactly like how a leader of a Shinobi village should be. Yeah I think I love how professional and pragmatic she is.
Thank you for writing this chapter! The way you write is literally a work of art it’s so beautiful :D
4/16 c69 Yui's Sweet Dream
This is so beautiful, the end of this chapter brought tears to my eyes.
I’ve read a lot of Naruto fanfics because I’ve been in this fandom for a long long time but I’ve never read a story like this one. This level of character development and the things Sakura has managed to accomplish is just so mind blowing and amazing and I LOVE it!
And the way you write Itachi makes me cry a little because he’s so beautiful I have no words.
Thank you so much for writing this story!
4/10 c73 Hime-Hime19
I hope itachi goes after sasuke. That’s his entire character, his love for his younger brother, and would be OOC if he stays behind.
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