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8/11 c62 NamelessWanderer6
This was an extremely well done and entertaining chapter, where do I even start. First of all, I really liked the conversation between Sasuke and Tsunade. Specifically I really like your portrayal of Sasuke. He is angry, passionate, reckless and prone to tunnel vision. Despite this he is not a complete idiot. He is smart enough to not trust Madara but still pretty dumb is some other ways.
Also I feel that at this point I’ve accepted a few things. That as weird as Sakura and Kakashi’s relationship might be, they are better of as just friends. That Itachi, as you’ve portrayed him is actually pretty likeable. That Sakura and Itachi might actually make a good couple. And finally that this really is a Sakura-centric fanfic and very unapologetic about it. It is a bit unfortunate that Naruto will likely relegated to a supporting role in this story but at this point I don’t really care thaaat much anymore.
Also Jiriaya catching Sakura bantering with Kakashi made me lmao along with Kakashi bringing up the fact that at one point Sakura and Sasuke might be in-laws, lol!
Overall great chapter.
8/11 c57 NamelessWanderer6
Your comment at the end of this chapter was very illuminating because I was wondering why Sakura was being a bit judgemental ,thank you.
8/11 c58 NamelessWanderer6
Until I read this chapter, I forget how bloody and traumatizing the Pein invasion was. Also some of the imagery in this chapter is just plain awesome, Gozen and the retirees in active combat wear. Danzo and Tsunade fighting together. Very cool chapter! I really hope that Naruto is able to talk no jutsu Pein.
8/11 c53 NamelessWanderer6
Kakashi and Sakura’s relationship is very weird. Like I know that they are supposed to be like Brother and Sister but they act way more like a couple in every way.
8/11 c52 NamelessWanderer6
Does this mean that Sakura is 17 now, how does timeline differ from the canon one?
8/11 c50 NamelessWanderer6
Why did you have to make Itachi so damn cool and charming, it is making it really hard for me to hate him!
8/11 c49 NamelessWanderer6
I hate Danzo’s manipulative ass so much
8/11 c48 NamelessWanderer6
I really like your interpretation of Naruto, he is very likeable.
8/10 c45 NamelessWanderer6
Danzo taking interest in Sakura isn’t good at all.
8/10 c43 NamelessWanderer6
I don’t like Itachi
That is all
I’m too much of a Sasuke fanboy to like him
8/10 c40 NamelessWanderer6
He dead now?
8/10 c38 NamelessWanderer6
I wonder how far along medical ninjutsu mastery this Sakura is compared to canon Sakura given that most of her focus has seemed to be on genjutsu or taijutsu.
8/10 c36 NamelessWanderer6
8/10 c35 NamelessWanderer6
Cool cat!
8/10 c34 NamelessWanderer6
I wish there was fanart for all these characters. Also Zen has lots of rizz
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