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8/10 c33 NamelessWanderer6
I wonder how Sakura’s abilities are going to develop over the timeskip.
8/10 c30 NamelessWanderer6
The mission was surprisingly easy so there just had to be some bad news.
8/10 c29 NamelessWanderer6
Very cool
8/10 c26 NamelessWanderer6
I am really liking this old lady
8/10 c18 NamelessWanderer6
I hope that Temari doesn’t die.
8/10 c16 NamelessWanderer6
I wonder who that guy was?
8/10 c12 NamelessWanderer6
Pacing is pretty good, at least not everything is being rehashed or else it would be a huge drag.
8/9 c8 NamelessWanderer6
I like how you are unlocking Sakura’s potential as a genjutsu specialist. Although some might say it is pointless because of Sasuke’s Sharingan, his possession of that Dojutsu is no reason for Sakura to not learn genjutsu as well. Although I hope she ends up learning medical ninjutsu as well.
8/9 c7 NamelessWanderer6
Ooh, I really like how you are developing Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship regardless of wether they end up as a couple later on or not, it is just nice to see them interacting in a friendly way. Honestly this chapter is seems quite revolutionary in terms of how you are characterizing their relationship.
8/9 c6 NamelessWanderer6
I hope that Sakura gets some time to rest and cope. Her constant state of fear and nausea is kinda becoming overwhelming.
8/9 c76 10Outcast001
Honestly I like these in-between chapters and scenes, it helps build the world and what they're trying to remake it into. I will admit the first scene confused the heck out of me, but I got the gist of it and it was very sweet. Itachi's scene, with Naruto's observations and inata's wisdom, were as stark as they were intriguing. And helped highlight things that may have been missed.

The casual way it was mentioned, and expected, for Sakura to retire shortly after she got married was so well done. The ease of it, and yet how it blindsided Sakura with the question and did the same with the others for the rebuttal. The conversation about how you can have both was, frankly, a wonderful addition.

Now with Jiraya... yesssss. Get his ass! He could have been such a fun, goofy, cool, awesome character! If it wasn't for that one bit. Finally he gets his comeuppance! I really want to see aftermath of that, if only in passing. It was so fuckin' satisfying and seeing it from his point of view was also infuriating. And yeah it really highlights how creepy he was, in general, but especially with Naruto.

The last scene had me giggling, with the last bit. Shikaku is such a cool character, and makes for a wonderful Hokage. This was a wonderful chapter, and I would not be sad to see more like this! This was great!
8/9 c3 NamelessWanderer6
I am looking forward to Kakashi and Sakura develop their relationship as sensei and student.
8/9 c2 NamelessWanderer6
Very cool imagery.
8/9 c1 NamelessWanderer6
Was that Haku, cause if so he did not deserve to go out like that.
8/4 c76 bitten2
Amazing Story! I can't wait to see where you take this!
Update soon please!
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