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8/7/2015 c3 Hanna
Oh Kakashi, why were you put in charge of children? Well apart from the whole Sharingan thing... Ugh

Like why wouldn't Gato hire more ninja? Its not like missing nin are uncommon, and he's the richest guy in the world, basically I think he didn't because the plot said so, and its not like Zabuza is in any position to object and why would he?

I'm glad you show he's trying, I never saw Kakashi as maliciously negligent just hilariously horribly unequipped to deal with his genin squad, he cares but he doesn't know, like that line about him judging her for crying yeah he would cause Scarecrow was a chuunin at six, which is another thing he's unused to these children being children he was pretty much always a soldier

Sakura, she's the queen well she's just starting out so I guess she's the princess, I love how upset she is and the pride she has because she saved those builders' lives that's a fascinating development like she realizes that she can accomplish these things and save people, and she wants Ino and her mom! Oh good but she stuck in the middle of no where with Team Seven and people who want to kill her poor baby!

I adore that her family are ninjas! Just ordinary run of the mill, salt of the earth ninja like Konoha has got to have loads and loads of those to keep the village running, I always saw her as from a civilian family (that was canon for a while I think?) is really good

This is going so many interesting places, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!
8/7/2015 c3 5Endgames
This is a really interesting story so far. The way that Sakura managed to survive (just barely) was really realistic, and it hit a visceral chord with me. You certainly described the whole scene well.

Looking forward to more!
8/7/2015 c3 greywarden
So good to see you back! The different in this AU is more subtle that in your other ones... I'm very interested to see where you end up going with it.

It's a nice change of pace to see Kakashi take Sakura seriously, even if he's not the best equipped to help her process trauma. :)
8/7/2015 c3 LyraDragonfly
This story is so lovely. The characterization is spot on and the writing is amazing. Cannot wait for the next chapter!
8/7/2015 c3 arlene56
I'm glad Kakashi is around now. He's being (sort of) supportive, and I'm pretty curious to see what he'll do next. I also want to see how Sakura handles everything and interacts with her teammates. Thanks for updating!
8/7/2015 c3 silverwolfigther00
Kakashis never been the best teacher is he.. but this just seems more and more interesting,

Looking forward to read the next update:)
8/7/2015 c3 5CharmGirl24
She survived and she is coping alot better than I thought she would. I would be happy to get rid of the Sasuke fangirling but for now its a bit of normalcy. I'm glad Kakashi is supporting her in his own way the boys certainly do not have the capacity to empathize with her situation. I'm happy to hear this is gonna be a long fic though you have other favs of mine I would also like to see updated lol anyway great chapter!
8/7/2015 c3 Trololololololol
You know, I have a feeling she will pick up water walking just as quickly as tree walking. Just call it a hunch of mine. And by the way, have I mentioned how awesome that small mention of the buzz of chakra was? Her small musing that of course Sasuke had it hard since he's so much better at her in everything, the buzzing would be very distracting for him. Like, Sakura doesn't even know how awesome she is and explains everything away? I love that.

And oh, again, welcome back into posting for FF. Net. Missed you!

8/7/2015 c3 4CryptIXeeper
I have this dreadful, sneaking suspicion about Sasuke & Naruto due to the lack of dialogue I'm hearing from them in this story so far, lol.
8/7/2015 c3 9sablin27
I really like how simple a depiction this is of Sakura's character development.

Without any elements from outside canon, the canon-like elements that get focus really shine. Sakura's crush is childishly sweet. Kakashi's stand-offish support is touching, intriguing and respect-worthy. Sakura's struggle to acclimate to new experiences is easy to empathise with.
8/6/2015 c3 Lamperouge0
I always enjoy seeing the different ways Sakura grows in your fics. I look forward to the next chapter.
8/6/2015 c3 igotmypriorities
I'm kinda vibrating with joy at the prospect of another long story from you
8/6/2015 c3 8Dustii
I squealed out loud when I read your note. So, so excited that this is going to be another epic story. I can really see how this Sakura has both aged years inside and still retained some of her childhood innocence. Really glad to see Kakashi bringing her into the fold at last and training her. This is going to be an amazing journey. Now I just want to see how Sasuke and Naruto react. I'm already waiting for the next chapter with bated breath!
8/6/2015 c3 ningy0princess
i'm so glad you made kakashi understanding, though ngl, a part of me wanted him to be a jerk and uncaring about sakura's ordeal (i clearly need to cut back on the angst). i'm excited to see how he treats her from here on out. and i cannot wait til sasuke and naruto make appearances.

i loved how you've brought ino into sakura's thoughts. to me, it shows a shift in sakura because in her moment of emotional weakness, it's her best friend and rival that she thinks about and not sasuke (well, until she calmed down and saw herself in the mirror). i'm also so very happy you had sakura realize that while she killed, she also saved. and yes, at her being attached to the knife!

this story is soooo good! thank god it's gonna be long! btw, i love how you're naming the chapters 3
8/6/2015 c3 1Los Grotos
Oh poor baby. Poor Sakura. She needs professional help.
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