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5/19/2022 c24 ScoripoScreamQueen
Im sorry but are you intentionally writing Hazel this way?What kind of girlfriend is she that she talks about another guy she gave a BJ to in front of her current Boyfriend? Furthermore why does she continually make decisions that are bad ? I know teens are kinda dumb but she’s beyond that. I’m sorry but she is the most unlikeable Oc I have ever read .
5/19/2022 c15 ScoripoScreamQueen
Haven’t read this since it was originally posted, but Dang Hazel is not only a complete train wreck, she’s also a pick me girl. Kinda cringy lmao
4/21/2020 c32 5wedontkilltheliving
Absolutely loved this story and devoured it in a weekend instead of studying for my exams. You captured the characters so perfectly, it was an absolute pleasure to read it. Thank you!
1/18/2020 c32 Famories
I had to practically force myself to finish this sorry excuse for a fanfiction and was left with no choice, but point out what I hated about it:

- Hazel invented spells out of nowhere. How could she do that when even a professor couldn't do it? Besides, she was also rich, talented and every guy fell for her and thought she's hot, which makes her a Mary Sue in my perspective.

- Proving a friend wrong doesn't mean: turn into a slut to do so. That's only an excuse, a bad one I might add.

- The twins warned her about Wood practically being a fuckboy, but instead of listening to them she shags him anyway. Seriously how stupid can a human be? And what was it about her not being "that kind of girl"? Then when she was about to stop herself because she noticed what she was doing was wrong, she still went through with it without caring for the consequences of her actions.

- If that wasn't enough of her whore-like behavior she slept with Wood AGAIN, even though she swore off boys to concentrate on her O. and school and after rejecting Fred for said reason.

- Another thing is this girl has constantly meaningless sex with guys she's not even in love with and she can't make up her goddamn mind about what she really wants. And the best part is: after all the things she did she is surprised that Fred doesn't trust her. Is this girl for real?

- Hazel complained about this back and forth thing with Fred and Felix, when clearly she is the one who has been playing with both of them from the start. Where did this, you could almost say obsession with Hazel come from anyway? How the hell did these two guys fall so madly in love with her beyond salvation?

- She also complained about Fred not telling her right away about how he felt, when he did nothing but prove that he's in love with her all along. (He even told her that.)

- There was also the issue that everytime she messes up somehow it's always the other person (mostly Fred) who had to apologize even though he didn't do anything wrong, which is far from being fair.

- Then there were her grandparents:
How in seven hells is it possible that her "always strict" grandparents allowed her to drink and bring alcohol to school even though she's a minor and where did Hazel and her friends always get Firewhiskey and booze in general? What also triggered me was that she always blamed the alcohol for her mistakes, which is hmm...what was it? Oh right! Complete bullshit.

- Moving on to the Weasleys:
Fred was totally ooc. I mean, since when is he afraid of saying what he thinks and getting what he wants? Right, since NEVER. Also George believed that slut more than he believed his own twin brother. What kind of twisted crap is that?

- And last, but certainly not least there was her best friend Veronica:
Yes, another slut just like Hazel. Why? I'll gladly tell you why. She was in a relationship with Cedric and a happy one as I assumed. Until she decided to let everything turn to shit by sleeping with George and even losing her virginity to him. I mean seriously? And instead of telling her how stupid and shitty that was of her Hazel told her that Cedric would "understand". Yeah, sure. He needs to understand that his girlfriend is a cheating whore who lost her virginity to another guy. Of coourse.

After finally finishing this story the only things that cheered me up even a little were her schoolmates mocking her for being a whore (which she is) and Allegra (who didn't have nearly enough time to shine) telling Hazel how the world functions, since like Allegra said herself: Hazel doesn't know how to function on her own.

All in all reading this was pure agony and I got madder and madder with every chapter I read and I hope this story remains only a bad memory in my head.
11/4/2018 c32 Antrastea
Woah... so I read this through during the last week and I enjoyed it very much. I have to admit that in between Hazel was gettin a bit on my nerves and I was relieved as you changed a bit because of that one guest mentioning that the behavior of both wasn't very adult-like.
Really, I felt sorry for Fred so often because Hazel did those stupid things. I mean... she DID fall for nearly every boy that look good in her opinion and was a bit nice to her. And she did blame Fred for not telling her that he loved her immediatly, while she herself did the same thing. So... there were a lot of situations when I was a bit annoyed and I could understand Allegra at some point (though how Allegra dealt with it really was mean). BUT I was happy how it turned out at the end and I really appreciated that her own plans didn't turn out the way she wanted because thats reality right? (but seriously, she made the right decision regarding her grandparents)
And I like how she matured in the end and thats what a story is about: the development of the characters.

So I guess I will read your Sirius story next. Keep up the writing! Greetings from Germany!
8/31/2018 c24 4Ami of Resplendence
...when do they work?! I almost cried in the last two chapters (which means you are doing an incredible job writing) :)
8/31/2018 c15 Ami of Resplendence
I nearly did swoon when I googled Gaspard Ulliel. I love the story so far. It's brilliant.
5/14/2018 c32 7EviColt
I seriously loved this fic so much. I am mindblown. You did a brilliant job and I can guarantee this will be one of my favorites forever.
5/11/2018 c32 3neffa
i was def hoping for a sequel but honestly this entire fic was brilliant and beautiful and i’m so glad i read it
5/11/2018 c31 neffa
5/11/2018 c30 neffa
IM SO HAPPY SHE TOLD HIM OFF OMFG. HE WAS SUCH AN ASSHOLE. also loltalking out of ur ass
5/11/2018 c28 neffa
The Ambitious Mastadons is my favorite band name ever holy shit lmao.
5/11/2018 c27 neffa
creative license and all, but i wanted to let you know that a couple chapters ago you mentioned neither of the twins got OWLs in potions, and in this one, Fred and Hazel are in said class

just so you know
5/11/2018 c26 neffa
holy yikes that whole pureblood purity thing is nutty
5/11/2018 c25 neffa
fred: no
my heart: shattered
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