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for The Trials of a Lioness

9/16/2015 c16 longitudinal fissure
Loving this story so much! Breakfast At Tiffany's is my favorite movie also; I'm so glad it was mentioned!

9/13/2015 c15 3Savage Kill
You know, the chapter dose have a major feeling that everything might get worse from here. I mean from what is in the chapter, her grandparents are choosing what they want her to do. With the winery for example. Makes me wonder if she's going to decided for herself or have others do it for her...

Update soon!
9/10/2015 c7 Guest
Did you pick Mikkelsen for the Danish writer after Mads Mikkelsen, perchance?
9/10/2015 c14 19irene96
OMG! neeed to read the next chapter!
9/10/2015 c14 3animeluver2112
OH MY GOODNESS, PLEASE UPDATE ASAP. I have to go to a very grueling two hour military history class followed by the watching of screaming toddlers, and I would be over the moon if there was a new chapter to devour when I return home! Such a sickeningly-delicious ending! I've read through your story in a single morning, and I MUST implore you to update very, very soon!
9/10/2015 c14 Cyd1991
I reviewed the last chapter as a guest. Forgot to sign in :/ great chapter! The whole conversation with dumbledore had my heart racing one minute then I was instantly everything was calm. Man you duplicated his mannerisms and thoughtfulness. My stomach dropped when Fred was kissing Loretta again.. I was so confused.. His gesture, his return of the book... I know there's hope for Fred and Hazel :) keep em coming!
9/10/2015 c14 draconisnoire43
Why can't Fred just keep his mouth to himself for 5 minutes... That boy is so frustrating. Wonderful but frustrating!

Update soon.
9/10/2015 c14 jinglepinglepie
*sighs* I'm screaming inside, you know.

Anyway, love it!
9/10/2015 c14 TiarnaSPN
If you have Fred die I will personally hex you with a hex like no wizard has ever seen. I was on the verge of tears at your little bit of foreshadowing when the teacup was broken. Please don't kill him. I read fanfictions to keep him alive in my heart...

On a more positive note, I am absolutely loving this fanfic and have read it all in the space of a few hours. Please update again soon!
9/10/2015 c14 MissesE
Aw man what a cliffhanger! Please update soon! I'm so conflicted after the sweet daisy and now he had to kiss some other girl? No daisy can make that right, that is just toying with her! And what will happen to Sirius? Argh so many questions too little chapters xd anyways, thank you for another great update :) loved it!
9/9/2015 c14 6Naida of the Rain
Ughhhhh I knew it wouldn't be that easy! This will they won't they is killing me! In a good way of course, it definitely makes things interesting. You're doing a wonderful job, I only hope that you continue to deepen the relationship between Sirius and Hazel. Maybe Lupin as well! Maybe Hazel can unearth something in her mother's diary, like a mystery to be solved. I don't know, it's not my place; you are just so talented and there is so much potential to this stories and potentially series if you so desire that the possibilities are endless. Anyway, I'd love to see you continue this further into a series. As for Fred, well, to kill him off would be canon and good for emotional turmoil, but as a request from a loyal reader, perhaps you could spare him? I'd love to see him catch a break. Perhaps he could get severely injured? Near death and pulls through at the last moment? Just thoughts! Keep up the amazing work and apologies for forgetting to review the last chapter!
9/9/2015 c14 45notdonewithyou
Ughhhh I love angst as much as the next person but I also want them to get their shit together. As for Fred dying, if you go that route, it'll break my heart but it's canon so I've already experienced it. If not, it'll be a pleasant surprise. Can't wait for more wonderfulness. And I wonder when she'll see Sirius again!
9/7/2015 c13 Guest
Fred and Hazel! I'm literally shaking my head. Come on guys! You've written Fred's love for Hazel so well that I'm kind of sad Hazel made the choice of sleeping with wood again. Yes, Fred slept with Loretta but man has he been more than forward with his love for Hazel and she's made excuses even though she has a burning desire for him... Beautifully written!
9/9/2015 c1 Cloudy147
Just wanna say this is legit the best fanfiction ive probably read. Keep it up and update like every dayyyyyyy
9/8/2015 c12 jinglepinglepie
THAT TEA-THING ISNT FUNNY. YOU CANT JOKE ABOUT THAT MAN, ITS CRUEL. "You just sentenced your partner to a young and untimely death"

How dare you man. It's just not right. It's... *sigh* it's been years and I'm still upset over that. I'm not sure if you answered this already, and I'm sorry if u have, but will Fred... have a happy ending?
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