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for The Trials of a Lioness

2/3/2016 c25 4Connie Harrington
I love this lots! Can't wait for the next chapter :)
2/1/2016 c1 Hawani
I love it! Hazel is a great character and so are her friends, and I can't believe you used the hog marts slang terms perfectly.
2/3/2016 c25 Angelatronnn
I just found this story a few days ago and I love it! Have to say I do have a major soft spot for french guys, especially Gaspard Ulliel, so Im kind of conflicted here Obviously its a Fred story but Im not sure who Im rooting for here
2/2/2016 c25 Cyd1991
Ohhhhh you! I've missed Hazel and Fred so much. I seen the notification this morning and nearly spilled my coffee. What a great chapter (as usual) love the small exchange between her and Harry. :)
2/2/2016 c25 9Love.Fiction.2023
Good one!
2/1/2016 c6 6questionableatbest
OKAY this fic is possibly the best thing that I've read since I finished Deathly Hallows about a million years ago and honestly, it might even be better than that! Seriously, I LOVE Hazel, and your characterization of everybody else is perfect, and your writing style is wonderful, and the whole thing is just adorable and hilarious! I swear to god, I've been smiling the whole time, and I can't wait to finish the rest of the chapters! Thank you so much for sharing this!
2/1/2016 c25 7werecutietate
YAYAYAY I'm so happy you updated!1
1/28/2016 c24 nw9
I can't wait for the next chapter! You have done a wonderful job on this story and your fans are waiting patiently for the next turn in Hazel's life
1/16/2016 c24 Fandomqueen104
Soooooo…lemme start off with saying, I LOVE THIS STORY! It's is so good! I read ALOT of Fred Weasley love story's but it's not easy to find good ones. It's rare that I find some I REALLY like. So THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS! Fred and Hazel, Frazel? Hed? I don't know! I think I like Frazel!
1/8/2016 c24 werecutietate
oh please update your story soon. I am distraught over the way you have ended it and I'm always thinking of your story every time i read anything! Whenever you decide to update again I am eagerly awaiting your writing!xxxxx
12/23/2015 c24 2jtp93
my heart is broken over this. I hope you update soon. Happy Holidays!
12/16/2015 c24 Guest
Oh please please please update agin I'm in heartbreak over this book and I won't stop thinking about it till I know what happens between hazel and fred
11/29/2015 c24 JJ-SNAPE-96
Ahhh, omg I love you! Please update soon! I need to know what happens next!
11/29/2015 c24 3Letusbewild
I love your story. I was reading it whenever I had spare time. Update soon!
11/6/2015 c24 Cyd1991
You're killing me ! Need an update.
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