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9/9/2018 c48 TravelSick
Hope you look at writing more...
3/24/2016 c48 2talyak
hehehe these two are cute! :) update soon
2/3/2016 c44 fallunder
12/20/2015 c36 maxe03
Wow Nessie seems a lot more mature than Jake. Which is a little surprising considering his age and some of his experience as an alpha
12/20/2015 c27 maxe03
I wonder how that works with younger members of the pack looking like adults
12/20/2015 c23 maxe03
I thought Jakes pack was bigger than that
12/20/2015 c37 maxe03
Why is Seth scared of mike he's fought vampires and should be in his adult forms prime like all the wolves
12/20/2015 c22 maxe03
Jake is bad alpha in this he has basically been ignoring his pack the whole story. There is also no way they don't know what he's been doing since he has phased
12/20/2015 c21 maxe03
That nightmare she had is seeming a lot more ominous and hopefully won't turn out to be a premonition
12/19/2015 c19 maxe03
Wow ness perspt is a nice take on the story a d surprising
12/19/2015 c16 maxe03
I wonder how long its goi g to tak them to buy a kamw sutura or use the internet. Surprised they weren't at it all night and didn't try doggie
12/19/2015 c8 maxe03
Okay I thought Jake already knew how go control his thought well at least he did enough in the movie to bother Edward and really is Edward the one to be saying someone should know better cause of age
12/19/2015 c7 maxe03
They're still going to hurt him when they knew this was coming so CE she was a baby
12/19/2015 c4 maxe03
I wonder if he noticed he jealous and if he's collage educated, also surprised she thinks he's a were wolf
12/19/2015 c3 maxe03
I wonder if Jake has learned more about his powers now that he knows he isn't a were a d knowing the origin
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