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for Lurking Shadows

8/22/2015 c7 Original artimies
Amazing new chapters! I absolutely love this story! And as for a song , how about " youth ?" I sadly don't know who's it by but I think you'll know it when you hear it.
8/18/2015 c6 Original artimies
* laughs* your writing skills are, as always the best. And as for a prediction, mabey the two groups( your OC group and the pines family) will meet up and defeat bill? Who knows you always think of cool ideas!
8/18/2015 c6 3Wildtail of Wind
So. Seems like you've got an amazing story going there with notable characters and a great emotional value. xD What do you need help with, again? This is absolutely fabulous. Seriously. (Although I want to mention that "it's" and "its" are different. The first is "it is" and the second is for possession. :3 Just saying.) I like how you've made Ford start to feel for the creature. Wonderful job!
8/12/2015 c5 httpkirby
Wow... Poor Ford.
Is that some defensive mechanic the mermaid used? If it is, damn! I would be officially scared of Mermando. If it isn't, well... It's got me curious.
8/10/2015 c1 httpkirby
I had forgotten I was reading a Gravity Falls fanfic there. I was totally entranced by your story...
8/5/2015 c2 Original artimies
Thanks for the next chapter, your writing skills never seem to stop amazing me! Please keep on writing!
8/4/2015 c1 22hrhowling
Wow, this is an impressive start. You have me well and truly hooked.
8/2/2015 c1 Original artimies
This is amazing ! Can't wait to read the next chapter !

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