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for Fading Away

3/14/2021 c10 Guest
3/14/2021 c5 Guest
Man, he is such an idiot it's sad
5/8/2020 c17 NaLuFanTheFirst
10/25/2017 c14 Chiyu-chan
No. Nope. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Fuck no. She ain't fucking ground out with *mocking mean voice* 'Suta'. Natural said that he lived her first and now Sits says it and she's gonna turn into a fucking love sick puppy? Hell to the no. She's gonna go and have abstract make-out session with Natural weather she likes it or not.
7/24/2017 c17 bo
continue the story
don't give up gal
9/6/2016 c17 aoutre
Maybe take some time away from this fic and then rewrite if your not happy with it?
9/5/2016 c17 Lunahartz
I also have an idea. It'll be like Sato or whatever his name is is evil and he wants to brainwash Lucy so on the job he captures her and then Natsu beats someone's brains out... Sorry I've been watching FNAF videos so I'm kinda violent at the moment... But you know what I mean, right? ;)
9/4/2016 c17 Lunahartz
Okay. It's like midnight and I'm doing this because I love ur story... Here goes!

I love this story with all my heart and I really really really want you to keep going bcuz it's awesome as heck. This may be just me but I. Hate. It. When. Some one. Uses. A. Cliffhanger. And. Stops. The. Freaking. Story! *takes deep breath* Aaand... It's a freaking NaLu story you just can't stop something that deserves 10 stars! Okay, done raging now. I'm gonna keep this window open just in case.

Peace from Magnolia
9/4/2016 c1 7booklover551
Hi :)! I really love your story! It has an awesome plot line and Lisanna is portrayed as a good person! :D Anyway, I couldn't find the poll on your profile (I'm sure it's there somewhere, I just forget exactly where to find it on the page), I will post my vote here. I would like it if you kept going with this story rather than re-writing it. It really is a good story :). However, if you feel like re-writing it would be a better option, then that's okay :). I can understand why that choice might make you more comfortable. I hoped this helped! :)
9/4/2016 c17 8Shay1819
Please continue I really like ur writing and I hate to see a story go unfinished please
9/4/2016 c17 3MarSofTheGalaxies
I think that the story is great the way it is. I hope you continue it
8/25/2016 c4 domino31
" NALU always finds a way " quote by domino31
8/24/2016 c18 Forestpool
Please update soon D:
2/25/2016 c16 Guest
Er Mer Gerd , i needs updates Poptart-sama
12/18/2015 c16 rinnie21
Thank you for the update
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