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12/25/2015 c6 2Moranx3
I LOVE THIS. I love YOU for writing this piece of art! Omg, Nation interactions! Yes!

You definitely outdid yourself in this chapter. Definitely. A million thumbs up to you, dear Maddie (May I call you that?)! :D :D
12/24/2015 c1 2The Hetalian Pianist
Woah...Just woah...After reading the first chapter, I'm already hooked to this story. It's just the way emotion and thought is displayed into this chapter is just amazing. Keep up the work!
12/20/2015 c5 2Moranx3
Yes, in fact I do want to hear about them more.

As always, a really great job in writing this piece of art! I really really really enjoyed reading it. Anyway, I'm just curious but would Earth somehow.. interact with her nations, even with just a short dialogue or a long discussion, I don't know.
12/15/2015 c4 Moranx3
Woah. Earth is... intense, but I LIKE IT. Man, I couldn't love this more. And the concept of History, it's just so damn perfect! And even for the Empires... not the country itself.. man, I'm so amazed that you came up with this, because this-this is so FANTASTIC! :D
11/28/2015 c3 Moranx3
Seriously, I do. The concept of Earth is awesome, and there's nothing better than a bit of insanity mixed in there. I can't wait to see what wonders would soon be seen in here. :)
8/3/2015 c1 Amber
I see that Lucifer is speaking through you as well human.

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