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for Lines of Communication

7/31/2019 c1 PrismRootStarlight
Gahhhh! I LOVE this so much! It’s so adorable and it makes written extremely well! It’s so amazing!xD
2/20/2019 c1 ItsBirdie
I can wait for the confrontation! Love this story
11/13/2016 c1 Guamserendipity
I loved this! I love how protective Abe is and how jealous Miyuki got. Your writing is amazing. This story is just perfect.
7/11/2016 c1 9absolut pi phi
Haha I love it omg 3 definitely a great idea to xover DnA and okifuri and the plotline itself is pretty fun. I really enjoyed reading it :

Also, kuramochi is the MVP this time around XD
4/15/2016 c1 5AquaTales

Awwww Mihashi is so cute! I can't stop grinning the whole time I read this! Ei-chan and Ren-chan are such a sunshine boy aren't they? You capture their personality perfectly, I really have a good time with this piece of art! And yes, I considered your fic as piece of art. I couldn't stop laughing with Miyuki and Abe reaction. Two possessive catcher who found themselves lose their favourite pitcher to the pitcher of the other team. THIS IS GOLD! LMAO.

Thanks for sharing this with us! I will be looking forward to your next piece.
1/21/2016 c1 AlyaaAkira89
i like it... more...
1/7/2016 c1 GirlinBlue2364
This was so cool. Loved it!
10/5/2015 c1 Guest
Could you resolve the misunderstanding between Abe and Eijun?
9/26/2015 c1 4cifer66
I LOVE THIS FIC! It is just so sweet how you've really managed to encapsulate Mihashi and Sawamura's fundamental character. I know that this is already completed but I just couldn't resist following just in case of a sequel. This fic is just so brilliant, it gives me the warm and fuzzies inside!
9/23/2015 c1 18born on the day of earthquakes
i would love to have those pictures taken by Tajima and Kuramochi

this fic is a blast. i'm giggling like crazy and it's 3am
still waiting for the nishiura and seidou meeting tho :)
9/2/2015 c1 ImpsDream
I would love to see that meeting.
As it is, good job ~ This was a fun little story

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